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The Peasants Truck

Everybody moved out of the country to get a taste of the shining city
Ripe banana, ripe plums, are perishing in Uncle Sam’s broiling sun
I cannot stand the scorching heat that is swelling up from the asphalt under my feet
Sweat is dripping from my face and I am getting ready to run another race
This race is not for everyone, you must be determined tough and strong
But only one, I say one will win this race and endurance is the key to my survival
Everybody has had the chance to prove himself before the break of dawn
Daylight is speaking, some people are still sleeping and other are weeping
I have given you enough time to sleep so that you can minister to my heartbeat
And overcome the raging heat that is spilling all over the street
The devil sits in his oversize’s sleeping gown selling stocks all over the town
I detest his grouchy voice and the hair sticking from the sides, how can women 
love that devil
 Alcohol is bleeding from his breath, stinking socks wrapped around the bloc and his lovers administering deep tissue massage in Bangkok
I will muster all the female energy around to throw down this foolish clown 
If heaven  doesn’t  do it the Holy Spirit will reveal it. Satan knows how to get under my skin but he can never win
 Stay away from my wife or I will beat you in the wildlife
 I will get all the empty buckets and full them up to the brim in every country, city, state and town and you will finally know who the boss is in this town
Yesterday I woke up to the sound of the weeping clown masquerading with his broken crown on the barren ground
 I added the final touch so that I could permanently remove the clown from his infuriating throne. 
He continues to upstage and irritates me but this time there is no apology
I will land a blow that will be fatal to his predicted destiny I want him off my ground so that the grass can grow on the barren land
He has become a nuisance in my sleep; he is always grinning his big teeth and looking at me with his bulging eyes from underneath
Yesterday I spend hours in the garden digging and turning over the impure soil
Trying to get things in order so that I can have a proper shower 
People gather in the campus maze whispering, pointing and looking amazed
I kept digging for hours waiting patiently for the evening showers 
Perspiration soaked through my flesh and I kept digging until I was almost out of breath
Everyone kept staring at me trying to figure out the mystical story but my soul knows the meaning it never grow weary
The short neighborhood gossip wanders up and down the corners trying to torment me
She looked at me with conceited eyes if I was a coward I would run away and cry
I glanced quickly without saying a word and stood still without a smile or a frown
They are the ones who have been spreading rumors and creating bad blood in the arrogant town
I kept digging up the beaten down earth and spreading out the futile dirt hidden underneath my long sleeve white shirt no one knew what it was all about
I level out the soil with the grass so that we can make another start and end the hypocrisy that is going on all around me 
old man, old woman, baby girl, baby boy, baby in crib dressed up in bibs walking up and down looking at the clown
Suddenly a man passed by with a message from the heavenly sky 
He said that pipes are underneath which is why they could not dig very deep
I told him that the posts were ok even though it was planted to mock me midway
The message came so quickly and I acted swiftly and found the perfect remedy
The remedy is very simple plant your post in the ground, wherever people can be found 
Even if they cannot read it they will ask what is written on it; this will propel you to the top
The simple remedy was enough to prevent gas from dripping from the cars and spilling bad energy around me
He bid me goodbye and said that he finally understood me; did he? I hope he did
Communication is the key but too much of it will make me get into a sudden fit
 I cherish my privacy and sometimes I do not like talking with everybody
As I finished digging up the ground and looked all around the clouds began to turn grey and I felt something powerful entered my space goose bumps spread out over my skins and my nipples started to grin, was I committing a terrible sins? or the gods were romancing with me? Was it Aphrodite or Zeus? The love spells suddenly came over me and my heart began to sing 
The earth has healing powers and the soil can cure the fever 
All of a sudden the rain starts pouring down soaking up the barren ground
and the gods finally  forced the devil to leave the town.
He sat in the back of a peasant truck stacked with manure around him
His broad peasant hat covers his head; he crouched up among the stinking manure stuffed in coarse bags.
I thought he was dead and for the first time he looked humbled
The angel drove him to the countryside to water the plants and tend to the garlic beds.


Copyright © | Year Posted 2018

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