The Hidden Lane

The sun burst out from underneath the clouds
Ploughing through the merry crowd
The impact of nature is closing in 
sucking the joy  from within
Trucks and cars  littered the streets
Adding more pain to  the bloodstain
The sun is blazing with toxic lies
And shame is dripping from our eyes
My mother sacrificed to send me to school
But I was slow to learn the golden rules
I found an easy way to live 
And I quickly  catapult myself on top of the hill
I learn the distinct art of  capitalism and
the substance of having a large family
I learn how to make the little man suffer
To manipulate and maneuver the stronger
How to double and pull the strings
And how to dine with rulers and Kings
Most of  my possessions were obtained by foul play
I don't have to worry but just look the other way
If I tell someone to kneel  he kneels
If I tell another to stand she stands
And if I tell him to bend over he bends over
As I was thinking of how to pull off this last act
Something unnerving hit me directly on my back
I jump on my bike in the heightened heat to unraveled
This disgraceful and inconceivable deceit
I  rode  on the  track  down the busy street
scrutinizing every business and houses on the back street
the traffic  moved slowly in one direction
And the stifling heat  began to suck my dream
I was desperate to get out of the sweltering heat
but everywhere I turn something was churning around
I dilly- dally on my bike looking at the traffic from a distant
It came to virtual stand still and nothing was moving
Sweat dribble profusely  down my face
opening up my miserable sweat glands
I was anxious to cool this obnoxious heat
so I venture off  to the right of the street
Something caught my meticulous attention
So I stopped and investigate the circumstance
I saw a young man coming up the lane
looking worried and  ashamed
I inquired about the road that leads to the hidden lane
He said that a big beautiful lake was just  ahead
and it was perfects for  sightseeing and taking  pictures 
I got excited about the lake so I wandered off my path 
to see what was hiding  in the dark 
and  to write a memoir of this big  beautiful lake
But when I got there I stumbled upon a big dirty pond
with water springing  from a fountain dug in the land
I  didn't want to get distracted from my mission
So I quickly turned away and went back on the main road
The traffic came to a  gridlock  and police lights  flashed  glaringly
They were clearing an accident at the top of the hill
I continued my journey and completed my mission
Slow-moving government workers  sucked up  my time
I  waited in  a long line and stood up all the time
I completed my mission and left the hall
I returned to the hidden lane to see what was waiting for me there
The trees stood still in the dense bushes covering the houses
They must  have been hiding there for years  
Just few people know that there are there
There was nothing to see  but swamp even the crickets were
asleep the heat must have driven them out of the trees
Just as I thought about it a woman and her  dog crossed my path 
on the foot bridge adding  life to this desolate place
I circled around and alas the message found
It  was spring up in the big dirty pond
Muddy water was springing up inside it was full to brim
And water was trickling outside from within soaking up the trees around it.
I began to turn way when a young man and his dog came my way
Something urged me go  back to the pond and look a little closer
There they were swimming towards me
As if they have some thing critical to tell me
Three ducks swimming about  east west north and south
The positioned themselves in a line and head towards the East
Carrying  a message about the trees 
and the pond and their age old metallic bond
There is much more to discover  if you venture off the main road
and walk on the side streets that leads to hidden lane
I can't stand this sweltering heat.

Copyright © | Year Posted 2017

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