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The Forgotten World

From color, everything turns into shades of grey
A palette of beauty, now so monochromatic
Everything good and bad ends up as alabaster
And all else is simply forgotten
Lost in the thick-leafed pages of time
Only preserved by the markers indicating their places

Soldiers march and stay in their places
Uniforms the darkest shade of grey
Their valiance dissipating over time
Because history is monolateral and monochromatic
The rebels we massacred we seem to have forgotten
The only things that remind us of them are their statues of alabaster

If every person in the world were commemorated in alabaster
Then would there be just enough places
To position them all? Most we forget
As time and their hair starts turning grey
Only the terrifying ones with monochromatic
Views are stuck forevermore in the realm of time

In life, there’s only so much time
To become extraordinary and immortalized in alabaster
The substance that makes all skin colors monochromatic
And every man stuck in his only place
Turning all of the beauty of outside grey
Until the true colors are forgotten

You and I will soon be forgotten
And stuck in the web of the spider, Time
We’ll watch as everything fades into grey
The piercing dead eyes of the alabaster-men
Reminding us to mind our places
And stay forever monochromatic

And while the grey world looks down on the monochromatics
And while the monochromatics are always forgotten
And while only the forgotten can truly go places
And while places are but a figment of time
And while time turns all men alabaster
And while alabaster is always grey

The monochromatics are the only ones who can stop time,
Remind us that we are not yet forgotten alabaster
Pieces in museums and other places decked only in grey.

Copyright © | Year Posted 2017

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Date: 2/16/2017 7:26:00 AM
I enjoyed your creative and intriguing theme, triggering some observations of my own. Regards, g
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Amorose Avatar
J. Amorose
Date: 2/21/2017 11:58:00 AM
Thanks! I was reading about famous statues, and somehow this came out. I'd love to read anything you might write about the topic. ~Blue