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The Eightieth Trimester, Part II

Hux said,"My mother realized
that I was a being apart,
but if you’re all sure I’m a mistake,
then please, come stab me in the heart.”

To ensure that he drove home his point
he then pulled out his pocket knife,
said,”Back then nobody wanted me,
so by your logic, end my life.

“If my existence is conditioned
on some woman wanting me,
if my dad’s actions determines all
Then there is no reason to flee.

“Come take the knife and do the deed,
live up to all of your big words:
eightieth trimester abortion,
don’t think of it as murder!”

Not a one of the women moved,
they just glared with venomous eyes,
his girlfriend sneered,”I can’t believe
I’ve been with a fascist all this time.”

Hux said,”Jan, you don’t have to fear,
just knowing you might kill our kid
makes me like you a whole lot less,
and wonder how I ever did.

“I cannot be with a girl who
would murder her daughter or son,
go find yourself a whipped soy-boy,
’cause you and I are forever done.”

He stormed out, paying no heed to
the girls as they cursed and sniped,
Hux may have wanted to belong,
but it wasn’t worth that evil tripe.

But those girls were quite vindictive,
bad-mouthed him on campus as ‘Nazi,’
even scorned him in the school paper
knowing they’d get away scott-free.

But Hux was not the scaring type,
he gave it back as good as he got,
even jumped by two protestors
their jaws he quickly did clock.

He supposed now that adult life
wasn’t the waltz he once thought it,
it made sense now, his step-father’s words,
on how a man needed some grit.

Later on, in his sophomore year,
he was still seen as an enemy,
until one day a strange thing occurred,
something which he didn’t foresee.

He was eating lunch one fall noon
when a young brunette did approach,
he recognized her from that day,
she said,"Please, just a minute, don't go.

“I know you probably don’t like me,
harsh things were said last time we met,
but I though much of your story,
how easily you could be dead…

“Maybe you were over-the-top,
but maybe your needed to be,
either way, you made me realize
how easily it could’ve been me.

“I guess I just felt my desires,
never look much at the other side.
Thought you wanted to control women,
not save a soul slated to die.

"I'm not sure what to believe these days,
there's much I have to rethink,
But anyway, I was wondering
would you want to go get a drink?”


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Date: 1/31/2019 11:01:00 PM
wow...going to part III
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