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The Dogs we called Family

The Dogs we called Family

Tara came first and then there was Ben,
When both of them died we said never again.
Then Sam the runner, got killed in the street,
Prince came and went quick, we didn't know he was sick.
He came from a farm where distemper was rife,
Took him to the vet where he ended his life.
One year had to pass to get our house clear,
Without a mutt there, it seemed without cheer.
One day I was out and the Pound I happened to pass,
I doubled back and I looked through the glass.
Inside I walked, many dogs ignoring my stare,
Until one at the end looked up at me square,
Sat on her haunches both paws outstretched.
She's the one, I knew, so my family I fetched.
I said nothing to them of the dog I had seen,
When they saw the same one I knew they were keen.
The dog was due for the jab that very hour,
To save her life now was in our power, you see.
We paid the fee for her life, Our Lucy was free.
She was the new member added to our family of four,
She lived with us and loved us for 19 years more.
While she was with us we had another to add,
Along came Jamie the Yorkie,he was a bit of a lad.
Like Ben he stayed near ten years and sadly passed.
Lucy died of old age, we said it's time to give in.
Our Garden Cemetery of loved ones was full to the brim.
To Cyprus we came to retire and live in the sun,
Of a dog in the family we didn't want one.
Then a visit to Larnaca was to change our life again,
Because along came Lexi to start it all over again.
She was soon followed by Levi, he was a lively one,
Then came Eli, the whirlwind and pain in the bum.
So from just us two forever as we'd planned,
Now we were five and life was once again grand.
A sad day loomed we had no idea of what was to come,
Levi was walking wrong so we took him to the vet
He had hurt his spine, as bad as it could get.
His rear end gave out and could not be reversed.
He was paralyzed, and getting steadily worse.
The love he gave us in his life reduced us to tears.
The vet said it's time he confirmed our worst fears.
We let him go to where he could romp with all the rest,
All the dogs in our family, they were the best.
With Tara and Ben, Jamie,Charlie the Pinscher and Lucy too
Neo the Collie  and Big Ben & Storm the Rottweilers two,
Newfoundland Curtis and Demon the Chow,
All Pals together, in the Big Kennel now.

© Dave Timperley May 5th 2016

Copyright © | Year Posted 2016

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Date: 5/7/2016 4:44:00 PM
- A long journey in the history of your faithful "family" - A lovely poem in memory of them all, Dave :) - Best wishes for a great weekend - hugs // Anne-Lise :)
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Timperley Avatar
Dave Timperley
Date: 5/8/2016 3:20:00 PM
Hi Anne-Lise, I didn't realize it was you, you changed your profile. Once again then , Thank you for reading and leaving a note. God Bless. D.
Timperley Avatar
Dave Timperley
Date: 5/8/2016 4:36:00 AM
46 years in the making so far Sunshine, some heartache yet to come but we'll deal with as and when, as families do. Thank for stopping by. God Bless. D.
Date: 5/5/2016 10:49:00 AM
What a lovely memorial to all your wonderful pets Dave. They truly do become part of the family. FIona
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Timperley Avatar
Dave Timperley
Date: 5/5/2016 10:53:00 AM
Still hurting like crazy for Levi , who we lost on Wednesday. Thank you for your lovely comment Fiona. God Bless. D.