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The Clouds


*The Voice*
God, can I hold your hand and follow you?

"Gods voice"
My child, it is I who will walk with you! You walked down my path with and without faith. You took my protection to ease your pain. My shielded wings comfort you during your moments of suffering while your life staggered across earth. Your love and devotion are what made you strong. Every time your dreams were broken. You managed to build more dreams in their place. You called my name during your happiest and saddest moments. You ran to me when you fell behind. Your secrets became our private talks. The key to your heart was always unlocked. I was there during your trials and troubles and tribulations. We could not speak, it was my light that kept you from going weak.

God, are you a dream of beauty? The holy book.
My preacher spoke of the afterlife, calling it paradise. 
I remember now, I felt this company once before, this light.
Many times, I forsake the light and still you never left my door.
I felt it on the day I was born, 
the day I became baptized in your holy name. 
I felt this light before, can you explain it once more? 
Lord pleases clarify the day I fell down to my knees, accepted Jesus as my savior? 
On that day, I felt as if you stood away and walked on by, allowing me to face my  failures’.  
Was my life a waste in this impossible world?"

"Gods voice" 
My child, this is the everlasting light you will feel every time your body is re-born onto a new road.  This light never left you. 
My sweet child did you not listen, 
Matthew *19:26* MY SON looked at them and said, "With man this is impossible, but with ME all things are possible. 
My child, you were not searching for the right answers.

My Lord everyone told me if I prayed you would come. Did I not pray enough?

"Gods voice"
My child sometimes your heart asked for more than life itself,  
I always answered even when you shunned heaven away from your eyes?
The obvious question is whether this is the final immersing of your soul's disguises.

Lord, I have other questions to ask. 
What should I expect out of my personal sins? 
My testimonial sits in the palm of your hand
My mind and my heart's inner core have been wicked since- adolescence
How is it that I am in your promise land?

"Gods voice"
Getting right with me has brought you here!

One more question, Heavenly Father
Can I see them,
   My Daughter, Mothers, Sisters, family, and friends?

Copyright © | Year Posted 2012

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Date: 7/24/2016 10:58:00 PM
<3. O:-). Very emotional!
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Date: 6/25/2015 6:40:00 AM
Congrats, Linda, on your much deserved top win. I enjoyed reading your inspirational poem. ~~Darlene
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Date: 6/22/2015 8:18:00 AM
Congratulations Linda, this is very moving.
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Date: 6/18/2015 6:04:00 PM
Congrats on your fine poem and your very fine win! A7 "=voice= God, can I hold your hand and follow you?"
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Date: 6/18/2015 12:39:00 PM
yes unique **SKAT**
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Date: 6/18/2015 11:37:00 AM
What a unique relationship you pen with the Lord, Linda!! Excellent dialogue. Congrats on your podium finish! Hugs // paul
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Date: 6/17/2015 11:56:00 PM
Awesome write Linda!Congrats on big win!
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Date: 6/17/2015 11:44:00 PM
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Date: 6/17/2015 11:28:00 PM
Congratulations on your win. Great job :) Alexis
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Date: 6/17/2015 5:44:00 PM
Thank you so much Mystic... :)
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Date: 9/12/2014 12:07:00 PM
I like this Linda... Thank you for sharing a glimpse into your relationship with The Lord. It is is truly inspiring to hear another's words wriiten for God which could have only been placed there by Him. ~Chris
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Date: 9/7/2014 5:37:00 PM
and another one bites the...
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Date: 12/26/2013 1:13:00 PM
I have never seen this side of you Linda, This is so beautiful. I truly love this poem. I wish you would write more like this. You are amazing....Hugs.....Roger
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Date: 7/10/2013 2:32:00 PM
you such a talent girl mwah
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Date: 6/28/2013 9:14:00 PM
nice 7 :)
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Date: 6/23/2013 8:26:00 PM
Its beautiful :)
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Date: 6/14/2013 5:30:00 PM
Nice write Linda,I like this one.
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Date: 3/21/2013 11:16:00 PM
Very rich and emotionally satisfying and creative PD. I only wished you had bubbles, lol, just kidding!
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Date: 2/15/2013 3:15:00 PM
A very healing piece of work. Most of us can relate I am sure--these are questions I often ask. The question is, where do we find the right answers. This is definitely a great place to start. I admire your faith and power. Always, Laura
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Date: 1/5/2013 11:34:00 PM
Hi, sis! I'm still here. I sent my 2nd part soup mail. i hope you have read it. See you again, soon! love 4ever, Leonora
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Date: 12/12/2012 6:50:00 AM
What a Gem you have created my friend and what a beautiful creation. How beautifully you have sketched the dialogue with the God. Brilliant piece of writing and a great and touching narrative. Your words go deep in the heart and soul of a reader as if he or she is having the dialogue with the God. Another super creation. Love and best wishes always…RavindraK ..Poet D
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Date: 11/14/2012 2:21:00 PM
This is very moving, I hope he answers all your questions. Your spirit is evident in this wondorous dialogue. I applaud your honesty and sincerity. Even Mother Teresa according to her diaries at times felt far away from God. Feeling something however does not mean that it is true. He will not forsake us, sometimes we are just facing in the wrong direction and other things gain our attention. Keep seeking he promises that you will find.
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Date: 9/19/2012 3:12:00 PM
Very nice inspirational piece from PD. Always a motivation stopping by here PD. Keep up the great words.
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Date: 9/16/2012 8:33:00 PM
great poem! I've often imagined myself meeting god and in my imagination I did not ask her a question. no words were spoken. warm thoughts, Ralph
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Date: 8/30/2012 4:30:00 AM
Very beautiful DP- enjoyed journey and felt your pain- love and blessings, Bren ;.. )
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