The Blame Game

The world wants to attack 
England, for invading 
other countries,
You invaded America,

Again let's play
The blame Game,
Your Ancestors  
Invaded Australia,

Your Ancestors
Invaded America,
your Ancestors
Invaded New Zealand,

Your Ancestors 
Invaded Africa,
Lets play the 
Blame game,

Yet Sudanese tribes,
invaded other tribes,
taking slaves as the victory
of battle,

The New Zealand 
Maori Invaded other tribes, 
sitting down to a victory feast,
where they ate the defeated tribe,

Read your bible,
when the Jewish people, 
went into the promised land,
they killed 26,000 men women and children,

the point is, that not one culture,
is without the sin of invasion,
not one culture, 
has been innocent in the past,

Muslims invaded Israel,
with the blood covering 
the horses necks,
If you want to create wars 

because of the past, 
then all cultures are at fault,
Around and around you go,
creating hatred, pain and war,

To have peace in the world,
we need to forgive the past,
let go of the anger, 
and travel the path of peace ,

With each step of anger, 
the world creates more injustice,
in war, both evil and innocent die,
and with the death of children comes anger,

Before England became a superpower,
she was invaded by the Normans,
She was invaded by the Romans,
war after war threatened her shores,

She had to fight, to protect herself,
Spain, france and Germany, 
have all been knocking, at battles door,
the world was in a state of flux,

Invasion was a fact of life,
today we sit back, 
and condemn our Ancestors,
based on the knowledge 

We have now,
based on international laws,
laws that they created, 
Yet the world was different ,

back in their time, 
travelling the oceans, 
they were afraid, 
of falling off the edge of the earth,

We should not compare, 
our understanding of life, 
with theirs, it was a different time,
with less comprehension,

Going out into the great unknown,
they were searching the world, for wealth,
sailors having fought war after war, 
perhaps valued life less,

Slavery was apart of every culture, 
it took the English people, 
to stand up and say this is wrong,
We should fight against injustice,

Granted there were people, 
that kept slaves, that invaded Africa,
and stole the African people, 
but that was the way of the world,

The English were also the ones,
that stood up and said this is wrong,
that fought against slavery,
attempting to create Equality.


Copyright © | Year Posted 2017

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