Sun Thief

Once upon a time, there lived a boy called Simon.
He was an ordinary boy who did what ordinary nine year old
boys do: collecting bugs and putting them in jars,
speaking to imaginary friends, riding a bike along an empty road
in the woods….. 

As the only child of a Governor and an Egyptologist,
silence was the only company that he knew.
One fine Saturday morning, out of curiosity,
he entered into his mum’s work room,
which was out of bound for anyone,
except her;
she had traveled to Egypt in Cairo,
to help examine a newly discovered mummy.

He went round the workroom, admiring the historical
antiquities from Egypt, Nubia, Ethiopia and Libya,
dating thousands of years back. Suddenly he noticed
something; a green carving of a scarab beetle was glowing
faintly. As he was about to touch it, it glowed more and more
radiantly! So shocked, he ran to his room, and shut the door.

For almost a week Simon never thought of going back to the room.
The episode had made him so shaky that he was afraid of leaving
his room. His parents were so concerned that they called him 
a counselor. Simon was afraid if he said what he had seen in the workroom,
his mother would be upset, for breaking the “out of bound” rules,
and his father would perceive him to be insane.

One full moon spring night, a powerful breeze blew against Simon’s window,
opening it. As he turned to close the window, he saw the green scarab beetle
on his study table. He was frozen with astonishment! Suddenly it unleashed
projector images on his bedroom wall! Clips of a well-built man appeared;
he had a pendant round his neck; the green scarab beetle carving! The
mysterious man was fighting a red-eyed warrior who seemed to levitate,
just like he did. Unfortunately the benevolent-looking man lost the battle,
and the red-eyed warrior flew to the sun, and absorbed it into his scepter.
Soon, he vanished.

“The wounded man is Horus, the hideous warrior is Seth,” a voice from the Scarab 
beetle said. “Since the battle, our world has been in darkness for thousands of 
years. No god had been able to steal Seth’s scepter, without getting damned
into the realm of frozen time.”

The voice went on to say that Seth’s deeds brought forth the fall of ancient 
Egyptian civilization and glory. According to the Book of Ra,
it was said that a boy from the Land of Four Seasons would subdue Seth,
and free the sun from his scepter.

Simon suddenly fainted. All the realities were too hard to grasp.

“Wake up, wake up”, he heard. Slowly he opened his eyes,
only to see unfamiliar people in cloaks and walls filled with
hieroglyphs. He was on a bed, which could change color
at will, according to his emotions. The floor was decorated with a big
scarab beetle symbol. Looking outside the window, it was dusky, cold,
and filled with eerie moans.

Simon was awed and terrified at the same time. He had been transported
to the world of the gods, through astral projection by the green scarab
beetle carving.

“The hero has come to save us!” he heard from outside.

Suddenly the ground began to shake violently, as the shadow of a jackal’s
head danced all over the ceiling. Everywhere the shadow passed, it left
death: flowers wilted, fruits decayed, and rich history written
in hieroglyphs got erased.

“It’s the Evil One!” the immortals screamed.

Suddenly Seth appeared before the boy’s bed, from a dark smoke
that mysteriously vanished, just as the immortal savage appeared.
“I’ll incinerate yooooouuuuuu………….!!!!!!!” he shouted,
as he pointed his scepter to Simon.

A flash of light shot from the scepter, only for the beam to reflect
back to Seth. Simon couldn’t tell what was happening;
his eyes were closed. The medallion round his neck, with a green scarab beetle
had protected him, and defeated Seth. What the Evil One
didn’t know was that Horus’ scarab beetle had chosen Simon as the sole
possessor of Horus’ hidden powers. Seth had once stolen it,
but it disappeared mysteriously from his grasp, for Good cannot blend
with evil.

“I’ll be baaaaack,” Seth roared, as he vanished into a dark smoke.

All of a sudden the sun appeared once again, together with Horus. He glowed
radiantly, as he flew in the blue sky. Slowly he flew down, and patted Simon.
“Thank you my child”, he said. “I’ll always keep watch over you….” The boy 
fell into a mysterious deep sleep, only to wake up again, on his bed. He was
sweaty, confused and enchanted.
Three months later, as he went to collect some bugs for his buggy collection,
He saw a real, life scarab beetle crawling close to a pond. Across the autumn
skies he saw an Ibis flying in a circle around him. The Ibis is the symbol of Horus.

“I’ll always keep watch over you…..” Simon remembered those words,
and began to smile.
He was now a superhero in his own right!

                                               THE END    

Date: 30/1/2017

Copyright © | Year Posted 2017

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Date: 2/10/2017 7:24:00 PM
Teddy, this is a great story.. Congratulations on your win Hugs Eve
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Kimathi Avatar
Teddy Kimathi
Date: 2/13/2017 6:33:00 AM
Thank you so much Eve, for your warm applause!! *^_^*
Date: 2/10/2017 4:31:00 PM
Congrats!!! my are a great storyteller...I'm not really a storyteller like you or the Seeker...but I try a little bit...god bless...^WW^
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Kimathi Avatar
Teddy Kimathi
Date: 2/13/2017 6:32:00 AM
Thank you so much, ^WW^!! I write stories sometimes, if I get some inspiration, and get enough time!! ;-)
Date: 2/3/2017 2:08:00 PM
You write vividly, Teddy. I enjoyed reading this piece +7. // Barry.
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Kimathi Avatar
Teddy Kimathi
Date: 2/4/2017 5:25:00 PM
Thank you so much for enjoying my piece, Barry!! ;-)
Date: 2/2/2017 12:42:00 AM
What an interesting story, Teddy:) I must say I was transported to another realm along with Simon:) a 7:)
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Kimathi Avatar
Teddy Kimathi
Date: 2/3/2017 4:02:00 AM
Thank you so much, Jo!!! I'm glad you enjoyed it!!! :-)
Date: 1/31/2017 7:46:00 AM
Here comes the Sun!....Great write Teddy..
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Kimathi Avatar
Teddy Kimathi
Date: 2/3/2017 3:59:00 AM
Hehehe. There it shines! Thank you, Joseph!!! :-)