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Stranger Than Fiction PART 3

Poet's Notes

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Again Brother Paul said that “I didn’t owe them anything, but to do someone a good turn one day.”I shook his hand and thanked him for everything that he had done, He said “God be with you Tom”,  I walked to the end of the drive and got in the car and continued my journey heading towards castle bridge.
I drove over a small stone bridge and  about twenty minutes of driving saw the outline of the village in the distance, at that point my mobile rang, great I thought I’m out of the black spot, I pulled over and answered, it was John and he was relieved to hear my voice. 

I quickly told him of the nights events and said I should be with him in about fifteen minutes,Before I hung up he quickly asked where the monastery was as he’d driven on that road many times and had never noticed it., I told him it was over the stone bridge  and as you start to climb the hill it’s over to the left hand side and its about a quarter of a mile down a stony  driveway.
“I’ll look out for it the next time I’m out this way when it’s light” he said.

I arrived at Castle Bridge and about half way through the village noticed a sign pointing to the direction of The Old Manor hotel.
I turned right and in about five minutes was outside the hotel, I went up to the desk to get my key so I could freshen up even though I hadn’t slept in the bed.

After my shower I was refreshed and ready for the days events, the other delegates were now starting to arrive and some looked the worse for wear.
There was the usual exchange of pleasantries and John started off with a welcome and the usual bit of banter by saying that Tom was leaving the company to become a monk,  it raised a few laughs and then we got down to the serious business, I wont bore you with the details but it was all about forecasts, profits, planning for the next few years and all the other usual stuff you hear at conferences.

We had a break for lunch and continued until about four o’clock in the afternoon John wrapped things up thanking us all for attending and to let us know he was off to Switzerland for three weeks skiing.Before we left John asked to see me and said that Bill Clancy who was in charge of the London office had been in touch with him and due to ill health would not be returning to work.

John said  “ Tom I really think you would be a great replacement for Bill who sadly is having to leave us, of course the company would pay all your expenses for moving and an increase in your salary, but I don’t want an answer now, as you know I’m away for a few weeks think it over and let me know if you would like that position”I said I would , we shook hands and I loaded the car and headed for castle Bridge,

As I got near the post office I noticed an Express Mart, I pulled over and went inside, looking for something to take to the monks as a way of saying thank you.

There wasn’t a great deal in gifts , mainly foodstuffs but I noticed a large wicker basket by the fruit section, I filled it up with lots of  the different fruits on display and went to the counter to pay.

“Someone’s hungry” said a young girl who was behind the counter, I laughed “no it’s not for me its for the monks , they helped me out yesterday”
“The monks” she said and then started to laugh , “oh yeah the monks”, strange girl I thought, paid her and continued towards the airport.
I got to the stone bridge and slowed down when I could see the driveway at the top of the hill.


Copyright © | Year Posted 2018

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Date: 7/31/2018 5:07:00 PM
Now I understand what was in the basket, as I started backwards. But catching up is fun.
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Date: 7/29/2018 2:37:00 PM
hmmm, the plot thickens.
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Date: 7/28/2018 8:50:00 AM
Yep I think I know where this is headed.:0)
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Date: 7/27/2018 2:13:00 PM
Okay, I have to know how this ends, Tom. There’s something mysterious about these monks. Part 4, here I come!
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Date: 7/26/2018 9:55:00 AM
You are a master of story teller my friend, Tom. Come on don't just stay mute...
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Cunningham Avatar
Tom Cunningham
Date: 7/26/2018 10:13:00 AM
Well I'm flattered Demetrios, Wasn't sure if people would like it or not being a first attempt. Tom
Date: 7/26/2018 9:42:00 AM
Tom, This is turning out to be a great story. I think this should be a novel. If you do turn this into a book order me the first copy. Off to the conclusion:-) Alexis
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Cunningham Avatar
Tom Cunningham
Date: 7/26/2018 10:05:00 AM
Thanks Alexis, its been on my mind for a while, Something I've always fancied doing. Tom. First copy for you if it happens, signed of course lol
Date: 7/25/2018 10:53:00 PM
Turning into an amazing short story, Tom!
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Cunningham Avatar
Tom Cunningham
Date: 7/26/2018 2:35:00 AM
Thanks Dave
Date: 7/25/2018 10:09:00 PM
Enjoyed reading, Tom, on to the next.. Hugs Eve
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Date: 7/25/2018 3:45:00 PM
I am on tenterhooks - were they ghostly monks and he had been on the spirits!:-) hugs Jan xx
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