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Stranger Than Fiction

*warning* disturbing lines have been detected - you have been warned, readers. Okay, enjoy this somewhat deep and astounding poem from me that took days to write...>:) I bet you anything that I'm the laziest guy in the world Bored all the time and it's hard to concentrate when time passes me by I wish I didn't exist because I have held on to these ugly conditions for so long... Bipolar with a whole lot of addictions to put up with - don't feel sorry for me, for all along, Maybe He is telling me I'm strong... And I do belong though I'm stranger than fiction I need to figure out how to stand my ground when I face my addiction It's reducing to affliction Having a blank mind when I'm watching my life fade away We were on each other's team Until you ruined my self-esteem We were all going to let out our merry scream, But we ruined each other's self esteem Drenched in silent wars the moment you had a halo about your devil horns My silent slumber spent on were a delightful dream until my heart forlorns I see a gleam of lies In your universe eyes I saw a reflection of hate... A love that has arrived late We are sheltering each other from the rainstorm Silently still on my bed, awake with sudden dread Admiring the moon as it shines so vibrant against an ebony sky Show me how to live life without any worries in mind You're my miracle in disguise You're my pocketful of illuminating light, attracting many flies Quit ignoring my messages and I'm growing tired of your thoughtless goodbyes I'm trying to bite the bullet for you...the shadows of you gives me those temporary highs But what comes up must come down... I'm so mind-blown cuz I was all alone Good news - you make me wear an upside down frown when you drive me 'round in town Once upon a time, I was a broken bone when I was left on my own, no one is picking up the phone Pornographic images flood my mind...I've lost my mind along the way I'm going way down with a lonely frown My mind is numb and dumb and I'm blind with corruption's cum, intoxicated with a daydreamer's rum Under a Crooked spell, screwed up in the head Flipping out and drowning in dread Darling, I'm sorry that I isolate myself in my room of doom There's hope to rely on when I associate with are my spring bloom, Reminding me that there's still beauty in my heart But I thought I tore it all apart from the start I adore you...darling who set me free from my torture chamber I wept because I was blue from an attitude of solitude...I don't mean to act immature The unbearable insomnia Takes over me night after night My eyes stare at the screen in awe I'm trying to drown out the darkness with all remaining might Exposed to the artificial light man has made for our pleasure alone Suppose there's a reason I can't close my eyes...the reason is just left unknown The pain and suffering I see is out of sight Spare the poor the riches that life has in store for them...they aren't the ones that deserve to be condemned Remove their lives from sorrows that doesn't serve them right Why must I give in to my perverse ways? I still have a chance to treasure my innocence like a rare gem The brawls of blasphemed boredom Has allowed me to put my guard down...and I regret losing time over my pleasures that I wish would fade away from me... God's Kingdom come! I want to seek His holy rest, but I keep avoiding it as if I'm the east and His word is the west... I'm trying my best not to be a pest...I don't want to watch my life pass away before my very eyes...I want to pass life's tough test If only God's spirit can wrap me up with divine bliss... If only I had the energy to dispose of my hopelessness... Believe it or not, God is still around I may be a lost and frightened child, but I'll prevent my faith from failing me now - I will not be left behind, but sooner or later, I'll be found...above the ground The butterflies fly away as I sing on stage with rageless melody Musing about yesterday's tomorrow and my plans are set free I'm gonna be okay, I just got to captivate my creativity Nothing lasts forever sadly, but I'm not gonna worry, for that will waste my time with me But, let's be honest, I'm wanting more than just acceptance Sure, I'm a shy guy that is used to such neglectance...this rejectance When I am around others, I don't know what to say I need you to know that I need something more than this this night...this godly day could give me...but hey But what is life if you don't get my way? Things won't just get better if I do nothing today I'm awkward and random Waiting for God's lovely kingdom We all walk about in circles and waste time on our hands I'll just say what I have in mind from now on...clap hands, for I've crashed with a hundred lands Grinding on the gravel of my existence Now, it's getting stranger than fiction Rapt in rue out of the blue...fenced in by your ignorance Destined to dream the dream of reality, reigning over friction and jurisdiction, a rather jaded depiction You are the valley I am the mountain We go together frankly So be not a sad, sad fountain Wriggling my way out of the snare I'm in Frolicking in the wilderness of weeds Sprinkling salt and pepper upon my distasteful flavor from deep within Licking the flames of ice fire...doing dirty deeds Tired of trying to be someone I'm not I'm tired of you, leaving me in the dead center to rot I'm tired of me, getting tired and giving in to giving up...scars left to mend I'm tired of everyone and everything, so leave me alone I'll be stranger than fiction in your disgraceful face...a broken bone I'm tired of it all...I had enough of this dilemma I've been encountering for years on end Come on and spell out my rage on paper Pluck out the thorns of thundering thatred from the roses of painstaking proses and watching endless, you-snooze-you-lose shows I was a hater, now I will catch you later Out of myself credit, not getting a big head over it...anything goes wherever the wicked wind blows

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Date: 12/7/2015 5:57:00 PM
"I see a gleam of lies In your universe eyes" Love those lines, David. Very emotional composition - keep writing, it's a good outlet to tumultuous thoughts. When we're bored we let the pangs of life and emotions marinate. Always, Laura
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