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Story of Health Theory

Poet's Notes

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Influenced by Buckminster Fuller, especially Synergetics 2, p. 448.

They say society's heart is changed by story and not by theory. But what is history if not also a theory about evidence for healthy and pathological stories? Experiences, narratives, parables, analogies, ecologies, theologies with active Yang EgoSubjects and yin Eco Understories favoring healthy WinWin ego/ecological theory Entering the last half of 2018, nearly perfect 2020 climate stress vision reverse revolves toward PositivEnergy democratic stories and notnot competing NegativeEntropic wiki demonic devolutionary chaos and nihilistic badfaith experience. ZeroZone ZeroPrime core co-axial phase revolutionary reversing organic frequencies toward past Open Whole System climate consciousness advocating GroupTheory bilateral balance of symmetrically special HereNow SpaceTime 4DynamicDimensional Case Universal Set Theory ZeroZone Games, maybe even historical sainted stories, with long-standing WinLose Patriarchal/Matriarchal Health Issues despite WinWin polycultural outcomes of therapeutic integrity theories, bicameral +/- LeftYang grateful with -/- RightYin spinning through bilateral precessive/recessive ZeroPhase Whether squared and when fractal bilateral dipolar holonic twoness rebirths new appositional secular outside nature daily and seasonal organic functions with sacred inside ecological spirit of light and NewMoon dark Yang SummerHeavens smiling down on Yin-EarthTribe matriarchal/patriarchal her/his-storied twonesses As Nature/Spirit co-conspirators, Body/Minds interdependently appositional nondual co-axially co-invested regenerate/degenerate spinnage of theoretical ecology stories about nutritional journeys toward healthy wealth and pathological thirst for beloved ego-belonging. Light within dualdark yin stuck in stagnant claustrophobic timeless limbo, grief for anthrocentric past shared sins against the least among us Double negative reiterating anti-forward flow amounting to reverse matriarchal herstoric pathological tensions-- absence of confluent fertility love grace. EarthTribe DNA theoretical dreams pulsing two-ness, producing Ego ZeroZone 4D spacetime Health-phase primal fourfold prime bilateral holonic root relational creation story Warning and inviting HereNow to win symmetric beauty inter-related EightStep 4/4 Yin/Yang polypathic eight-folded integral EarthUniversal Story of untold health-synergetic integral choices wealth optimizing environments BiLateral light co-investing sciences of healthy ZeroZone EgoTruth balancing co-messianic redemption narratives PastHere inviting and conducting FutureNow WinWin long-term minus LoseLose short-term unfolding EarthTribe's Golden yang within yin co-arising rules for telling wholesome ZeroZone becoming stories Special CoArising Integrity 2020 Revolutions present case studies for healing Universal WinLose issues while co-inviting WinWin resolutions Left Here Ego within Right Now EcoPolitics Of natural/spiritual TippingPoints co-arising SpiritualRight without SecularLeft dual in-between parables co-axial Narrow Deep Learning wu-wei ZeroZone resilient notnot ZeroSum MultiCultural Theories told within WinWin resonantly victorious history Half a revolutionary 2020 quantum, transubstantiating natural/spiritual millennium produces half a Yang/Yin co-dominant spin AND One RightBrain WiseElder Holonic EarthTribe Story equals Yin notnot polynomial/YangPlus equals YinYin Win v YangLose fake anthrocentric supremacy of LeftBrain dominating numerators bicamerally divided by Yang v Yin bilateral twoness ecology denominators patriarchal theology ethology of nature fractured theories more elite than spirit experience, more orthodoxically reductive substantiated Convexly individuated truths overwhelming concavely felt co-relational harmonies of rhythm and seasonal nutritional pattern Yin/Yang co-resonant ZeroZone revolutionary rebirths of 2020 Truth/Beauty Ego/Eco Health/Wealth Win/Win universal-integral quantum theory breathing in PositivEnergy light to breathe out, divest of, NegativEntropic dualdark fear and terror xenophobic anthrocentric inside-voiced supremacist stories of Ego v EcoPolitical chronic nightmares. More outdoor polycultural voices might say a multiculture's heart and cooperative mind are changed by co-infested stories of wealth-revolutioning eco/theo-logical WinWin healthy theories.

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Date: 7/15/2018 12:27:00 PM
Good work, Gerald!
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