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Soul Stance River - 36 - Final

" Damn you, let go my gun! "
The morning hasn't even yawned yet
and a terrible tussle is in my sight,
Drouillard is wrestling his rifle from the hands of this Indian thief
and the Field brothers are chasing after two others,
to my left I can see the rest of the savages trying to steal our horses, 
I'm gonna have to get raw,
sprinting towards them fast as a fiddle
I yell to one Blackfoot to drop my rifle or I'll shoot'em with my pistol
he drops it and dashes like a boy caught honey dippin,
I keep going to the horses with my rifle now
and I get three of them thieves pinned to a cliff face 50 yards away
with the devil in his eyes one of 'em points a musket at me,
hell no!
I cock and shoot the wretch through the belly
but the demon gets up to fire one at me and the bullet done whistled my ear,
outta shots I run back to camp to get the guys and gather the horses, 
Rubin keeps sayin that he stabbed the Indian in the heart
I tell him to shut up and get on point,
I can see the blood on his cotton shirt
war is in my soul and I quickly go over to the dead Indian
and place a Jefferson Medal on his body,
let them know the judgement of American Prarie law,

I figure we have a conservative six hours ahead of the Blackfoot retaliatory warparty,
they will mutilate and scalp us for sure before we can justify ourselves,
we've ridden like love refusing to be caught by tragedy
regularly switching to fresh horses for 48 hours now,
we napped for 4 hours earlier,
our bodies are sore from the adrenalin of death
and minds exhausted from moral frustration, 
Rubin is really tipped by the experience of plunging a knife into another man's heart
so close to his face that he could feel the Indian's last prayer,

The Mandans have cheered our return on this hot July day,
Clark and I have given Dickson, Colter, and Hancock permission
to stay behind to become the first American mountain men of the West,
natural freedom is calling their names through the bark of savage fortune,
Charbonneau has been paid in coin
and Janey has declined to let Clark raise her child in the East,
Sacagawea and I hug for the last time
the warmth of her soul clinging to my unspoken need for her
I can feel her fingers pressing into my shoulders
while the happy side of her face anchors into my unclaimed chest,
we release and the tears stay within to water the heart,
I'll never find a woman like her in the East,
my hands will never fully know her beauty
but my soul does know the sound of her's
and that's enough for now,
more than 4, 000 miles and two years on this river,
damn, its time to find a new place in this world - 

Justin A. Bordner  2015
I began composing this epic work on October 3rd, 2015
and have completed it through the grace of Providence
December 12th, 2015, at 3:18 am
71 days...approximately 284 hours of meditation...

I strongly encourage everyone to read the book, Undaunted Courage
by scholar Stephen Ambrose,
and to view the great PBS. documentary,  Lewis & Clark...
aside from the names of persons, places, flora and fauna, statements in quotations, 
and major events my descriptions of their journey are original, 
my work being achieved through meditative vision and personal poetic craftsmanship...
I have been deeply inspired by the two aforementioned sources...J.A.B.

Copyright © | Year Posted 2015

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Date: 12/31/2015 5:05:00 AM
Damn brilliant this was Justin... amazing work. Undaunted Courage is on my list of books to read now.. I have enjoyed this masterpiece conjured from your marvelous meditations... a real blessing to read. What a fantastic achievement!!!! Love always, Laura
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Bordner Avatar
Justin Bordner
Date: 1/1/2016 1:48:00 AM
Laura, if there was only one person on this planet I could share this amazing story with I would choose the fact that this epic appealed to your sensibilities of Nature, history, culture, love, and poetic craftsmanship is a warm blessing and kiss that makes me feel like a Champion...J.A.B.
Bordner Avatar
Justin Bordner
Date: 1/1/2016 1:41:00 AM
This composition is one of the greatest accomplishments, not only of my literary career, but of my life. As you know now, the Lewis & Clark Expedition has been an unforgettable inspiration for me since my late adolescence and to have honored it with skill and grace through the greatest, most challenging artform available to humanity is an everlasting joy for my soul, and I am proud to say a Magnum Opus that required every ounce of my heart & soul to complete...J.A.B.
Bordner Avatar
Justin Bordner
Date: 1/1/2016 1:35:00 AM
Thank you for feeling, seeing, studying and commenting on every part of this work Laura, it is a blessing to have your attention and spirit, and thank you for being a beautiful and powerful inspiration to me in 2015...Happy New Year...I love you...Justin