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Societal Rants

Put your clothes on.
Being proud of your body only goes so far.
You’re 14.
Calm down.
Aren’t we supposed to be kids?
You’re trying not to be.
You may look 21, but you aren’t.
Why would you want to grow up?

He does NOT care about you.
He wants one thing.
There will always be another guy.
Get it right.
Those clothes don’t empower anyone
When you look in the mirror what do you see?
Are you proud of who you are?
Or are you “happy” that you’re “accepted”?

I would say I don’t mean to rant, but I do.
It’s your life, but I can’t stand watching people waste theirs.

Do you want to be popular?
Do you want to be loved?
Do you want to be cherished?
You’re being used
Why do you surround yourself with people that don’t care about you?
It’s obvious
When you need them most, where are they?
Not with you

I have my own opinions and so do you…
Don’t hate me for what I think is the truth
What are you supposed to do when your “forever” only last until after the first night?

Now you feel broken, unwanted, horrible.
Who’s there to comfort you?
Definitely not your “best bae,” “wifey,” etc.
They’re over there in the corner with the guy that took the one thing that you owned.

Live your life.
Do what you want.
Wear your clothes.
Put on your makeup.
Buy stuff you don’t want. 
Stay up late trying to impress someone.
Post your aesthetic photos.
Comment on others.
Pretend to be friends while you really are just jealous of each other.

Wipe your tears.
Sing your songs.
Look in the mirror.
Cry some more.

Why study your notes when you think being smart isn’t cool?
Just play dumb, it’s not like he cares if you know the square root of 36.

“Oh my goodness, that is my FAVORITE!”--You say that about everything
“Ewww, she’s so ugly. She has no clue how to do her makeup and she has no friends.”--Take a look at yourself

It’s really cool when you peak in highschool because the rest of your life is just a scary downhill slope.
It’s not like you can’t get out, just have fun finding the key when everyone doesn’t want you to leave.

He doesn’t deserve you.
Not even close.
If confidence scares him, no wonder he picked you.
That’s not an issue he has to worry about with “the love of his life.”

That’s a problem.-A girl without confidence

I look at your pictures and cry 
You’re so:
And Reckless.
When you fall, he won’t be there to catch you.

By putting your body out there for everyone to see, there’s no secret, there’s nothing special about it anymore.
Like hell he isn’t going to show those nudes to anyone you’ve ever known.
Sweetie, you were wrong.
Society is pitted against us.
The women.
The fingers always point to us,
It’s always OUR fault.
“She was asking for it.”
“She’s dated so many guys, what a flirt.”
“How could anyone love someone who looks like THAT?”
“She’s in classes with all upperclassmen, what a nerd.”

The truth is, the people that will really appreciate you aren’t “popular.”
They aren’t “cool.”
They’re just people.
Normal, average, everyday, amazing, beautiful, real people.
Remember that.

Copyright © | Year Posted 2017

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Date: 11/12/2017 10:30:00 PM
Great poem, Grace. More younger women need to know these things. It is blunt and to the point, and sometimes it's hard for kids to hear. But it's usually for their own good. Always, Laura
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Wagler Avatar
Grace Wagler
Date: 11/12/2017 10:51:00 PM
Thanks for the comment. This poem was about my frustrations with people my age, as for some reason they just don't seem to see things the same way I do. Which obviously isn't always wrong, but there are some things that would be useful to understand.