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Sinful politics condemns God's word

Poet's Notes

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i wrote this in response to an newspaper article published discrediting their twisted view in words not having value to tell the news that the dogs on the streets knows 

The Government's behaviour firstly no longer defends our church 
this mockery in itself shows a deep lack of good sense 
or the simple sourced judgement to cast defiance 
within this ruling class displayed
Openly liars vulgar hounds with misunderstandings of truthful agendas 
as silver lining shines within their beady eyes split tongues brag 
poisoned two left feet heading backwards chaos screams from injustice

Milking a treasury for all it's worth then rising the pension age
blindsided are the fools whom are unable to see past the sheriff of Nottingham

Bailing out banks without consent and giving the bankers bonuses 
this our rainy day fund feathering someone's nest

We pay through the nose breathing in this capital suffering 
creating slaves illegally burdened citizens are chained 
dipping into pension funds the existence for this illegal action 
hands out always taking never giving 
Such corruption goes beyond unchallenged by lawmakers 
beggars of the very purse strings

15 million flushed down the toilet for paper postal codes 
billions worth of fish harvested out of our Irish sea

Gas and natural resources given away freely 
our sovereignty has been removed bit by bit stolen innocence 
under false ideas stealing our children's future legacy 
leaders without backbones snakes pushing agendas

For free, taxpayer-funded abortions put on the table 
in this bill signed with bloodshed to legalise 
the killing of unborn babies in Ireland of all places 
never thought I would live to see the day

Millions spent on a referendum called choice 
incorrectly claiming murder as just 
to be an important part of healthcare 
our family focus has lost all sense of direction

Challenging the very structure in mum and dad 
to begin with motherhood is the single strongest character 
filled with loving compassion such are the rights removed basically damned 

Every single word into the temple of our origin
death of democracy spilling the most innocent of blood 
sacrificed for the sake of pride our nation has fallen 

No longer united Irishmen and women a land divided 
it is from these spoils of war that's killing our children's legacy

Copyright © | Year Posted 2018

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Date: 7/27/2018 12:41:00 PM
What politic is not sinful?!?! You speak great truth, Liam!
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Date: 7/26/2018 4:45:00 PM
Hi Liam!:))Wow! Very powerful, excellent poem you've written here my dearest friend Liam.All so beautifully penned.Very heartfelt!All Satan's puppets!The world all upside down!It breaks my heart to see all horrible, sad, evil acts done against God, people, n' all! All signs of the end times according to the Bible, Liam.Prayers are very powerful, n' we need pray to God now more than ever for lost souls to accept Jesus.Another very beautiful sparkling diamond from your very golden glowing pen. Just awesome!A true glowing gem!Your pen is truly mighty golden!A Fav!Please, take good care of yourself!To me you're always the best in everything Liam.So very beautiful,romantic,gentle and sweet.I really hope n' pray alot you're okay in everything.Please keep positive n' very strong.Always keeping you in my thoughts n' prayers,Liam.Keep your faith!Keep your love hopes n' follow your dreams always too:))Wishing you a very lovely weekend!In His light God bless you always!:))Love n' hugs!xoxox D.^O^
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