The world does not, revolve around you
It evolves, from within you
Life is not a privilege, that is on us bestowed
It is a gift, by us owed

Kindness is a virtue, which we respect
But, it’s always the thing, that we neglect
Life is not, that complicated
Unless, you’re not appreciated

Hate, is something we should revile
Yet, it lives within us, all the while
And, if you really think it through
Caring, is so much easier to do

Simplicity, is the art of common sense
It’s not complicated, unless you’re dense
And predicaments, aren’t hard to pick apart
All you need, is a little heart

When the journey, becomes your goal
You’ll have satisfied your soul
Then, imagine what you’ll see
If your mind, is just set free

When your thirst, turns into greed
It’s not water that you need
And dirt, is best kept in the ground
There, it can be kicked around	

Love, was made for us to hold
It’s not meant, to be controlled
So if your love is unconditional
You have reached, life’s pinnacle
WIZDUMBs by JA 769     

Copyright © | Year Posted 2017

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Date: 7/19/2017 6:41:00 PM
Nice :) "'s not complicated unless you're dense" had me laughing out loud!
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