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Route 66

When The U.S. A. decided to build a highway system extending all the way to California, it was called Route 66. It extended from Chicago, Illinois to Santa Monica, California. Via television in the early 60’s, its fame grew beyond the reality of a long western ride. As a child, like millions of others, I enjoyed watching Todd and Buz zoom across the country in a Chevy Corvette.  Today, their journey reminds me of my journey through the Bible.

Often, we do not realize that part of heaven is about the journey. If our beginning were Genesis, and we never experienced joy until we reached Revelation, we would have lost much of heaven when we passed through Judges. If we only set our sights on the destination, we would never experience the beautiful music of David in Samuel or his confessions in the Psalms.

I've learned to enjoy my journey through the Bible in spite of the evil Kings of Israel portrayed in the Book of Kings or the slaughter of newborns by King Herod in the Gospels.  I tell you, King Solomon was like so many of us when he speaks of vanities in The Book of Ecclesiastes, and shares the beauty of romance in The Song of Solomon. It was a most breathtaking portrait of the wisdom of God when I turned North toward The Book of Proverbs. I tell you, there is nothing like pausing at a rest stop and drinking the fresh waters from the Book of Ruth.

When I exited the dusty roads I had trodden, Route 66 opened up a whole new world to me. There is so much more I could say, but I would rather invite you to come along with me on Route 66* because there is plenty of room, and there is no end to this grandiose excursion.

There are many more wonderful people, places, and things that I could share with you, but I must not forget to tell you that there was a Very Special Person that I continued to meet throughout all my travels on Route 66. There was a Special Person and a Presence; This person expressed himself in many different forms, but there was little doubt about who he was. I tell you, he was and still is so very personable and the dearest friend to me. He is called and known by many names; some of which are Christ, Jesus, Savior, Master, and Teacher. He’s all those to me, but I also call him Lord; and I met him when I began my journey on Route 66.

cj070615 PS *Bible Route(66 Books)

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Date: 1/17/2018 8:31:00 PM
A great way to describe your read through The Holy Bible Curtis…very imaginative!~Che :)
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