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Richard V.S. Chris

Richard V.S. Chris (Part 1) 

Prologue: Tears falling down his face, Richard hurries down the busy street trying to seek 
refuge and the mellow mood sanctuary of his bedroom. Opening the front door as quietly as 
possible, he listens for any indication of his neice, cousins, aunt, or sis being home. Noticing 
he's all alone he runs upstairs to his bathroom, bloodstained and all, he says out loud rather 
louder than he intended: "Chris meet me in our room!"
Chris: "sign" what's the problem now, and stop crying you making me look bad, I haven't 
cried in years.
Richard: You boast too much Chris, that's your problem, be a man, we all shed tears.
Chris: You not a man for 1, and 2 I'm a real man, so I don't boast. All real men know tears 
are married to weakness.
Richard: You must not be human then because you hide your feelings, I show mine with a 
Chris: Now see that's YOUR problem, letting everyone know your vulnerability, then you get 
betrayed, on the ground, in tranquility.
Richard: I don't care anymore man, feelings mean you have guts.
Chris: You care coward admit it, that's another problem you care too much.
Richard: If you care for someone freely, they'll care for you freely how could you let that 
Chris: My dear half, free means to finish last.
Richard: You think you perfect, like your mind is all smart.
Chris: I gotta admit, gettingover with my mind games is an art!
Richard (Punchin da bathroom door): It's your fault Tashawn is gone I just can't get over it!
Chris: Stop being soft, he's gone in a better place with worms and sticks.
Richard:You won't hurt anybody else, you can't do nothing.
Chris (Smiling): How can you LET me do something?
Richard: At first I tried to grant you freedom, but I can't let you roam free, you don't deserve 
Chris (laughin his head off and pointing through the mirror): Look at you man, thinking you 
can shell me like some a hermit.
Epilogue: Richard stands over the sink face-to-face with Chris. Dried tears border his face as 
Chris grins and sneer at him. Richard is taking full responsibility for his actions. Letting Chris 
takeover for a handfull of years has set him back so far physically, emotionally, socially, and 
mentally. How will he repair the dehumanization of his character when it has been slowly 
incinerated away like a tower being burned to the ground? The people close to him and away 
has been distantly affected by what he calls the "parasite." How will he rebuild?

Copyright © | Year Posted 2009

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