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Quest of the Heart: Chapter Four

Grey Bane and the Dark Lord Perched on a stalagmite jutting up from the floor Hugo was staring at length across the cave My eyes accustomed to the glow followed his gaze Frozen in ice was my Love whom I had come to save! In seconds I covered the distance to her side One thought in my mind, “I must free my Gennifer now!” I struck hard the ice with my fists till they bled A futile attempt, “I must find a way, but how?!” The anguish written on my Lady Wife’s sweet face Tears frozen as they fell, much more than I could bare My heart aching, wrenched and torn I fell to my knees “Luna, I beg thee save my precious Angel Fair!” In my grief of finding my Love in such grave state I did not detect the sinister presence Which was in stealth fully looming up from behind Materializing its satanic essence A high-pitched screech attracted my attention ‘Twas Hugo’s warning of my dire circumstance As a frosty bolt struck encasing him in ice My little companion never had a chance I stood still as stone facing my adversary A tall, thin ancient creature, grey beard and black robes His leering blood-red eyes fixed piercing my soul “I bid thee welcome, my son, to my humble abode” His choice of words were slick and as cold as ice His voice venomous in contemptuous realm The most malignant of grins cracked his old face “To what do I owe thy visit young Wilhelm?” A daemonic laugh issued forth from his cruel lips I regained my posture and stood full to my height “I am not thy ‘son’ thou evil spawn of Satan!” “Speaketh not my good name, foul fiend, thou hast not the right!” He stilled his laugh, “Thou art an impudent fool!” “Thou speaketh of rights?” My ‘right’ is to taketh thy life!” “To avenge the fate thy Father didst assign me!” “Taketh all ‘tis thine and maketh thy Love my wife!” “Get thee hence anon to Hades from whence thou hast come!” I produced Grey Bane from within Wolven Stave “Dally not, for if thou art not agreeable,” “Grey Bane shalt hasten thy departure for thy grave!” He revealed a staff of his own black and gnarled “Geoffrey Wilhelm, thou art indeed an insolent knave!” “Thou knowest not of whom thou confronts in challenge!” “I shalt learn thee of thy grave error thou doth make!” “I knoweth thee well, Vladius Draco!” I declared “A blight on my family’s noble house thou hast been!” “Thou art naught but a rank, vile miscreant,” “Do me battle, old man, for I wilt surely win!” With that he leveled his staff at me and took aim A blast of arctic air struck me full in the chest I was blown off my feet and hurled against the wall I rose “Do thy worst for I wilt passeth thy tests!” I strode forth assured Grey Bane firmly in hand Again his wintry stave found my direction A lengthy spear of ice shot out right for me This time I was prepared and ready for action Dodging the icy lance I sliced it in two Still running full stride to meet up with my rival Bearing no anger or fear in my spirit Only love for my Wife and thoughts of survival In an instant I was within striking range My feet flew as if they had Mercury’s wings Like Mars I stormed to make war on my enemy With the wisdom and council great Jupiter brings “Have at thee!” I yelled as I approached the vile fiend “I wilt have thy foul head as trophy this day!” I closed on my foe bringing Grey Bane upon him He raised up his grim stave to fend off my assay “Curse thee and thy vexing weaponry!” Draco spat For my impact splintered his staff into kindling Slicing agape his black robe, skin and breast bone Clutching his bloody wound he fell back strength dwindling “Say thou doth concede and I shalt spare thee thy life.” I was set to have done with this sad carnival “Spare me thy pity, of it I have no need!” He howled as a pathetic injured animal “I wilt do thee worse an injury, I shalt mock thee!” “Whilst I cleave thy head from offeth thy body” “To be set upon the battlements of thy keep!” “Avenging thy grave wrongs done my Wife and family!” As I spoke thus I had not noticed his right hand Where a formless ice mass was starting to appear “Perhaps thou wouldst join with me in alliance?!” The deception complete he hurled the frigid sphere One move never quicker as I restored Grey Bane With Wolven Stave whole I held the staff aloft A bright blue ray blasted forth from the topaz Consumed the frosty bolt then traveled up and on It struck hard the ceiling of the frozen cavern Breaking loose a shower of death from the roof Stalactites rained down upon Valadius Draco Impaled he was buried in an ice and stone tomb Vladius Draco, the Black Magi was dead I set to undertake the vital task at hand Of freeing my good Lady Wife from her prison To embrace my beautiful Love at long last As I neared her cold cell I spied Hugo on ice I took Grey Bane and smashed to pieces the block I saw he was alive, this gave hope to my heart To find my Love the same when her prison I unlock At the base of the ice wall that held my Love I gathered all of my strength still left to me I swung Grey Bane far back, as far as I could go Bringing him forth with all the power I could unleash

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