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Prescribing ReBirth to DT2

DT2 came to me, unwillingly and clandestinely, only because he was referred by his mother, who was concerned that he was growing up and out to become an ego-terrorist, and she had heard of my feminist work as ecotherapist-- so maybe her own WinWin hopes and dreams for him and her and for her beloved matriarchal-fertile Earth, could speak effectively with his WinLose terrifying games-man-ship. DT2: You realize I think you're a crock of **** witch and I only brought you into this Oval Office because that's all my mother would accept for Mother's Presidential Day. Me: Of course. And it's almost equally unpleasant to meet you too. Yet isn't it nice that you are already talking about your feelings? DT2: Not particularly, no. I talk about my feelings all the time. In fact, some of my most mistrusted advisers and counselors would like me to keep my feelings for WinLose business under my corporate baseball cap. Me: And it sounds like this may be why these advisers too quickly grow mistrusted by WinLose patriotic-feeling you. DT2: My national patriotism is not a matter of debate, either internal or external. Me: Yet perhaps your international matriotism could become a matter of richer creolizing discussion, just between us, if you prefer. DT2: Don't try to confuse me with your nature-spirit voodoo ways. I told my mother feminist ecotherapists are exactly what this nation does not need. Me: And she disagrees with you, and asked you to consider letting go of WinLose egocentric nationalist-patriotic you to grab hold of WinWin eco-centric global patriotic-matriotic bicameral ecopolitical balance. DT2: I'm not the disloyal and sick one in this Office right now. Me: And yet you sound so unhappy and unhealthy and, frankly, ecopolitically WinWin dysfunctional. DT2: To you, who thinks power is about feelings more than controlling future corporate wealth. Me: This is where you under-estimate your own potential. Feminist ecotherapy speaks of both wealth and healthy feelings as what we must, and more or less matriarchally-domestically always have, kept EliteLeft-Deductive/NonEliteRight CoEmpathic Trust together. Yes I do care about the power of your passions, both negative and positive, both degeneratingly angry and fearful and terrified, and regeneratively healthy and wealthy and cooperative, but I also care about what this says to you about our international future incarnated-incorporated-constitutional wealth here on Earth, where each future generation is bicamerally reborn and nurtured. DT2: You naively give far too much power to love and cooperation. My more stengthening experience has been about patriarchal WinLose powers of survival against threats of fear and hate and misguided anger management. Me: And I can see this in your past, as does your mother, and your future remains a choice to continue being over-powered by these unhealthy roots of LeftBrain patriotic nationalistic elitist sexist dominance, and yet also nondually co-arise your own RightBrain Elder matriotic-embryonic cooperative nurturing phylogenic memories of WinWin regenerative global flow power, co-empathic trust-inductive with ecopolitically positive truth-deductive, to grow your Wins with healthwealth regeneration to also shrink your Losses against your own EgoLeft Deductive Prominence. DT2: Thank you, but I see our time is up. Me: And going WinLose Survivalist old-school down, with your primitive terrorist-theory of dysfunctional nationalist-ego-reductive Yang-supremacist anti-creolizing purist/loyalist devolution. DT2: I'll not see you in Constitutional Law and Order Court. Me: And yet we will be there, within you, right there in your Elder RightBrain BiLateral CoArising Matriarchal BothAnd WinWin Positive and DoubleBinding reverse dipolar co-arising cognitive-affective dissonance. DT2: I don't have time to pretend that makes any sense in my LeftBrain Dominant world of patriotic WinLose nationalism. Me: And we don't have time to ignore our RightBrain Suppressed fear-mongering as an inadequate Left-progress v Right-conserve substitute for our Constitution's CoOperative BiCameral Original Nurturing Intent, Yin WinWinning ecotherapeutic LeftBrain Yang/Yin ecopolitically creole-ElitePatriarchy/NonEliteMatriarchal Nurturing Feelings symbiotically re-balancing Earth's regenerative nature-nurture, reweaving Left-Right ego/ecotherapeutic healthywealth. DT2: That is not my WinElite-LoseNonElite mandate from almost half of those bothering to patriotically vote for me as a NonElite Washington-incorporated self-advocating outsider. Me: And yet it is your WinElite-WinNonElite Matriarchal mandate from the other half of those bothering to more ecofeminist WinWin vote for Other. Something to think about, especially when your shrinking competition-oriented half starts listening to our growing cooperative BothAnd EarthJustice half for all Earth's creolizing children and women and bicameral democratizing men, and all EarthTribe's cooperative Original Intent co-ownership and co-governing species as ecopolitically WinWin nature-nurtured Earth. DT2: Again, you have been too generous with my time. Me: And yet ungenerous with your odds against Earth's WinWin ecopolitical success. DT2: I'm going to tell my mother you said that. Me: She's already RightBrain feeling it. No worries. Best of regeneratingly healthy luck. Do you want to schedule a follow-up appointment? DT2: No thanks. Much too busy doing well with my Executive Orders and twittering WinLose administration of quasi-Anger Management. To summarize, DT2 appears to live in a YangLeft v YinRight ego-encultured body yet his bicameral mind evolved out of a matriarchal YangDeductive-Conserve and YinInductive-Progress WinWin co-arising nondual dipolar organic mind-body. Cognitive-affective bilateral bipolar dissonance continues his current paranoid-patriarchal too-prominent ecopolitical issues. EcoTherapy: Grow WinWin L-R; shrinking WinLose inductive anti-trusting R.

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