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Impeachment is neither a peach, a pullover nor is it a purple plum. And a sanctimonious swan is neither a swamp spinning yarn nor a spotty sporty spade. Ok then. Paste and post but not when out skiing for this is an operation requiring lots of concentration. Spinning should suffice. And subsequently the conical iced archways are often placed in the line of sight for peacocks in goggles. Swoooiosh goes the birds. Elegance in dive angles. Minding the trees who bend over the land. And the drifts. Sleep is not a stoop nor is it a stone. But a single crust of bread could talk for hours about weight gain. Wow. Amazing isn't it? Truly truly amazing. Dare to make a jam with an ice? Care to fine tune a leaf? Great. Good. And wish you all the very best for that endeavour. Now you may just win the golden goose or the wine rainbow or you may just win a small piece of sweet. It costs only one penny to enter and take part in such a draw. And do not be concerned over the chatting horse who proclaims that only one percent goes to a charitable cause. It is irrelevant to the latest dramas in a fashion mobile. Gun bought arsenals then danced in a blissed out blitz. But demonic death is a birth of thought from a converted juice that boils and crosses the lands. Oh mystic historical lands. Oh tapering tarpaulin shrouds and tales of religious divine. Now splattered over the timeless scapes like haddocks dressing in various cape and no escape for the multitudes of otters, beavers and birds in long garments. No ha to that. No ha at all. Elite excite exemplifying exercises excusing eradication. And a foe of an iron is not a fawn nor a fish. Epic sagas. One two three. But no tome yet. The tome has to find a home. Said the little goat to the house. Question no metric measurement of a birthday cake for birthday cakes van be very erratic, neurotic and downright strange too. It is wise to keep an eye on the icing then. Particularly when winning a badminton match against a polar bear and a wild rabbit. Moo moving mowing monstrous movements. And all the time the microscopic jelly fish hummed a little tune albeit loudly. It was to denounce demons. It was to pronounce the arrival of the tea cup. So shower not without an umbrella at this time of year. Ha ha ha solarised string ha ha ha shouting shimmers ha ha ha call to the loaves, the beaded breads, the nine yawning yeasts and the spoons. Xxxxx pontificated Z

Copyright © | Year Posted 2016

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Date: 12/15/2016 11:20:00 PM
This is surreal, exciting, entertaining. Love the stream of consciousness with meaning tucked in the folds. Love it. -- Wesley C.
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