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Please Remember You Had Nothing to Say

Please Remember You Had Nothing To Say By Dr. Tina Medina I have loved and loved I have given and given I have honored and honored I have felt something deep in my heart Yet you ignored me Woman, wake up! You had nothing to say! I have poured out my heart and you did not respond to me What a pity You did not see the integrity of the love that was within me I never hurt you I never degraded you I never disrespected you I never pushed you away YET, YOU gave ME no say! Woman, wake up! You had nothing to say! I have loved and loved I have given and given I have prayed and prayed Woman, wake up! You had nothing to say! You never listened to me You never even asked my opinion on such a serious decision Dear woman, wake up! You had nothing to say! I once asked you for a lifetime to take a journey with me I asked you to trust me because I was sincere Yet I pulled back my offer quickly and decided to switch gear I made this decision with all my precision I did not care if it caused your heart a collision I asked you several times…. are you for real My love is not a game and it cannot be dismissed at will Your answer was yes Yet you walked away and left my heart a confused mess My heart yearned for justice in the courts of fair play Why did you do this and decided I had nothing to say My love does not understand the mistiming and delay How could you do this to me without any say You see, I am the judge and jury I make the game plans I state my demands I state what is right and what is wrong I make the decision with all my precision my logistics, my thoughts it’s all for me to relay…… Please remember dear…. you had nothing to say Sorry! The decision has been made, you had nothing to say If you cry and are sad by the decision I made Please remember you had nothing to say You had nothing to say Your opinion did not count Even though you have a Ph.D. I counted you out Oh, for some reason Maybe it was not the season If you were sad one day you will be glad You see, the blatant disregard should have made you mad then I realized your love for me was not a fad Yet… you still dearly loved me and nominated me so my home town could know and see the successful side of me You walked past your pain and decided to still honor me Even though I caused you a heartache and travesty God saw your good intention He knew your motives were true He granted you desire and everyone knew One day you may have something to say One day I may wake up and see differently…it will be okay I will actually let you…. have something to say Now the question is, will you be around when my truth is really found When I know who I truly am and I know who you truly are Will you be afar Will you truly forgive me for my harsh action and neglect Will you look past the words of gross error and reject Will you still love me deep down inside even though I hurt you deeply and your response was totally denied For many months, you were so devoted to me was I so blind I could not spiritually see I held your heart in my hand In your eyes, I was the only beautiful mahogany man Yes It’s true I loved only you I am so sorry… I gave you nothing to say Be it may It caused a delay It caused a decay A decay of something special and good A decay of something solid made out of rock and not cheap plywood A decay of a great love You loved me for what I was really made of You loved me for me and all my complexity and sometimes that it is not easy I do give orders I state my demands I treated you like a soldier because I am in command Thank God, I have woken up and I have something to say Baby, you took something dear away Now, be it may I simply have to say I am so sorry, you took something special and real away You took away my ability to decide where I wanted to abide You never listened to me You never heard my plea You never heard me talk You decided it was time to end what you started and began to walk How fair was your decision with all your precision You see I am a Libra and I strive for what is balanced and fair especially when I loved you so much and truly cared I did not understand because you never shared your decision and game plan I never knew the true reason until this recent season You disregarded me and left me out completely on such an important issue that involved you and me you made it carefree by not talking to me I am not mad I am not glad I just think it is somewhat a loss and truly sad My heart held onto something that was gone a long, long time ago Perhaps it could not accept the truth it was really time to let go Oh, for a reason There is always a season A time to let go A time to truly know A wise woman could never be in a place where she had nothing to say A Godly woman’s love could never be taken for granted and thrown away A beautiful woman’s support can’t be replaced and put on delay A strong woman could never be silenced and told go away A mature woman would say this is not the time to play A smart woman would read the Word and obey A faithful woman would never stray A good woman would build a man up and always seek God to pray A confident woman will move forward and not concentrate on yesterday A prudent woman would thank God for the lesson learned and walk away I just remembered it is time for me to relay goodbye for now because I have nothing to say

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