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Phobias A Bluto is not that Disney dog It was when a mewling that I would scream Should they wet my body And then apply cream Ablutophobia – fear of bathing, washing, or cleaning Achluo the demon that lurks In darkened corners The long toothed life suckers realm I am scared as the sun dims It seems to bare my soul Achluophobia – fear of darkness Acro what did they do They called me acrobat This will not do I get giddy standing on a matchbox Please get a net to see me through Acrophobia – fear of heights Agora just shut that door I am staying here forever more Bring me food put it on the floor The letter box is just for you Don’t, Don’t, try to get through Agoraphobia, Fear of open spaces or of being in public places. Fear of leaving a safe place Agrap stole my feelings He caught me unaware I am now afraid of sex don’t ask me anymore It frightens me that’s for sure Agraphobia – fear of sexual abuse Agrizoo an angry gorilla I knew Wild as hell was kept in a cell As all his kind, even a timid Hind They scare the crap out of me Please let them run free Agrizoophobia – fear of wild animals A gyro is just what I need I will fit it to my trusty stead He will fly straight across that band A tarmac nasty throughout the land I cannot face the walk you see Agyrophobia –fear of crossing the road Aichmohe got in a hell of a fight They killed him with a pointed knife It will come for me just you see I cannot even mend his cloth Won’t touch a needle at any cost Aichmophobia – fear of sharp or pointed objects (such as a needle or knife) Ailuro he lived next door The bastard sits on the fence To me he snarls not a purr A Persian he is supposed to be Frightens the *****out of me Ailurophobia – fear of cats Algo, Away, I am pain free This morphine is the best First day of pain free rest Been told that it will return Got some gas, peace I yearn Algophobia - fear of pain Andro I’d rather be (android) I am metal and plastic you see Electric person not man or woman That would be so sad If just a man I would go mad Androphobia – fear of men Antho the pologist got the plan He put concrete throughout the land. Not one shrub or flower seen Not one blade of grass green A flower would make me scream Anthophobia – fear of flowers Anthropo was a lonely man Wouldn’t mix with others so He lived in a cave, well just a hole You would see his eyes peeping out A shaking frame if people were about Anthropophobia – fear of people or the company of people, a form of social phobia. Aqua marine or even the wet stuff Is enough to drive me mad I stay in when there is rain Just wait for the sun to shine again A damp tissue that’s quite enough Aquaphobia – fear of water. Distinct from Hydrophobia, a scientific property that makes chemicals averse to interaction with water, as well as an archaic name for rabies Arach no, and know the score Those creepy creatures on the wall Send shivers up and down my spine Six legs and venom to drive you mad I am running already it is sad. Arachnophobia – fear of spiders Astra my name you would think of the stars My gaze goes up but not that far To the first cloud there in the sky If it’s the shape of an anvil I will fly Fear grips me and I don’t know why Astraphobia – fear of thunder and lightning Atychi that was about the size of me The others would just make fun I was no good to anyone A failure of the first degree Nothing my goal, was all I could see Atychiphobia – fear of failure Auto matic I will seek people out To touch to play as long as they are near Don’t leave me in this place alone A singularity is my biggest fear I will hold anyone you see I care Autophobia – fear of being alone or isolated Automat o no it’s not true how could you An advert that’s telling just lies Don’t all the others realize What you say is not true, put it right It will drive me crazy I’ll keep out of sight Automatonophobia – fear of anything that falsely represents a sentient being Aviat o if you think I am going in that No I am not a scared ***** cat If we were meant to go fly Wings we would have from him on high Fold your machine and put it just so. Aviophobia, Aviatophobia – fear of flying Chaeto he was a Greek of old Bald as a badger so the story is told But why you say is there no cure For him to grow some lovely hair For him it would give such a scare Chaetophobia – fear of hair Chemo therapy keep away from me Chemicals scare me I know they are free But to have them coursing through my veins No matter how good they are, and that jar The fear of everything for what they are Chemophobia – fear of chemicals Chirop to or not too so I am told They stick in your hair best to be bald Now I find that my nails are made of hair Chirop is what I fear not chiropodist is that clear!! Just shave my head and cut my nails dear Chiroptophobia – fear of bats Chromo shines bright in my eyes The fear of all colours I realise Now I am safe from a troubled day Into my dark room, I have found my way Knock when that sun has met its demise Chromophobia - fear of bright colors

Copyright © | Year Posted 2012

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Date: 12/3/2012 9:47:00 AM
I guess we all have a fear of something. Never really thought about all the phobias there is. Nicely written. love phyl
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Howard Avatar
Ian Howard
Date: 5/28/2015 6:16:00 PM
Thank you Phillis Just a few things that have been told to me and then I write them as poetry, Yours Ian xx