Pecking Sounds

Pecking Sounds
For several days, I was both annoyed and worried.  Annoyed by the pecking sounds; worried over possible damage to my house by something that I could not readily figure out. I suspected it to be a rat or a squirrel, perhaps trapped under the roof of my house. I pecked back with annoying sounds of my own, hoping to scare it away, whatever it was. It would quieten for a while only to resumed the pecking. Finally I decided to climb a latter and peep between an opened space between a built on patio and the main roof of my house.  Bingo.  There he was, a squirrel looking in my direction as if to say, "May I help you?"  I suspected that he had found a place to dry out from the heavy rains we have been getting in Northern California.                                                                                                                                                I tried to frighten him, but he only ran toward the other end.  Clearly, the two of us were not going to occupy the same property, but  I was not about to climb up and down the latter from one end of the roof to the other.
I devised a plan to extricate Mr. Squirrel from my roof. This took longer than I anticipated.  At first, I tried to build a lightweight 'bow and arrow', not to injure but with just enough force to convince him to leave.  This plan failed.  So I pieced some curtain rods together, making them long enough to reach Mr. Squirrel.  Bingo.  They were just strong enough and long enough.  I was now rather pleased with my home made device for squirrel extrication. I then headed back outside with my extension pole, climbed the ladder, and began to push my pole through the open space.  As I proceeded to do this, I peeped in to take a look at Mr. Squirrel.  Mr. Squirrel was gone. Had he told me that he was leaving, I could have saved a lot of work.  Anyway, if he or his friends or relatives come back, I'll be ready for them.
02222017 cj PS Contest, An Unwanted Quest, Shadow Hamilton

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