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It has been so since the moment I felt your presence
Your vibes have connected to mine
As metals get stuck to magnets
As dew droplets stick on leaves
As butterflies get attracted to flowers
As Life itself is, to the mystery that surrounds it!

It has been so since that time
When, even if I chose to keep my eyes glued to the floor,
I could help not but succumb to the feminine urges
That woke in me
Feeling as if, I were a mere grain of sand,
Being swept away by a raging tsunami!

It has been so and I've always felt like it was a sin
Since my whole essence was tied to the skies
But then, it came to me, fell over me,
Crashed on me and got hammered on me
One dark night, as the moon hung proudly in the night sky
And night fairies danced, carefree and mighty
Fearing not the shadows that peeped at them in the darkness,
It came to me, yes, in a dream,
It came to me as a word,
Simply wanting to have me realize that
Both of our fates are tied already in a knot,
A strong one held together by the powers of the skies,
A strong one connected already by a past life
A strong one which shall transcend this mortal mundanity
To a plane where living is eternally young!

Then, it no more felt like a sin,
It felt, rather, like my due towards you
My duty, towards my fate, towards the Gods
And it became the reason why I live,
The reason why I breathe, the meaning of my moods,
The reason why my tears flood my face in the seclusion
Of my room, as I doubt of whether you do know
Of that bond we share
And whether you would believe me
If I did dare to open my mouth and to share it with you!

Pray, living is so fragile even if it remains unreal
Living is so fickle, so like a candle light which can be blown
At any moment,
Yet, while living in its incandescence,
We have been graced, and I, since my awakening,
Have been living like Sleeping Beauty, waiting, pining and thirsting
For when you would save me,
With the frenzy of a bold kiss!

Love, then, is more than a mere crush,
Love becomes a pact with fate,
A prophecy to be realized,
A story to be written and to be immortalised,
And of course,
A continuation of it after the strike of Death!

Love, with you, becomes a responsibility,
An accountability, a moral duty towards my own soul
And of course,
An opportunity to prove to you of how
Without you, I become fit for the vacuum of Inexistence!

Date written: 4/4/2019 
Name of contest: I'm Crushing on You 
Name of contest Sponsor: Julie Leigh Rodeheaver 

Copyright © | Year Posted 2019

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Date: 5/9/2019 1:04:00 PM
You really have immortalizedLOVE. Anoucheka!
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Date: 5/8/2019 2:09:00 AM
This was compelling reading, Anoucheka. I wish I had the ability to write such powerful free verse. Congratulations on your very well-deserved win.
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