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Our States Our Coutry

Poet's Notes

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Elections are over for now but 2020 brings back elections for all branches of the Federal Government. It is evident that many voters do not understand what the Federal Government is, or should be, and how, and why, the positions are filled and why they are necessary for check and balance. I wrote this poem to at least say how I see the Federal government, and whose fault it is that it is in the state that it is. Comments are very much appreciated. We the People need to better inform ourselves and to participate as if the government is: of, by and for the people. Nothing will happen positively until we the people do our jobs as concerned citizens.

Our States Our Country
By Franklin Price

We have all but forgotten
What our founding fathers meant
To create a central government
Where representatives are sent

A common place for our protection
To determine laws for all
Otherwise the states autonomous 
On their own to rise and fall

Three representative positions
Are elected and are sent
The House of Representatives, 
The Senate and the President

House of Representatives
Representatives by population
Never less than one per state
The census every ten years
Adjusts this aggregate

The greatest populated states
Have the most to say their will
So the people who reside there
Send more reps up to the hill

Each of these representatives
Have a district of their own
So no person, who resides there,
Ever has to stand alone

The voters in each district,
For their own rep, have a say
Replacement, if a poor choice,
Only just two years away.

Senators are two per state
To provide an equal say
Six year terms are for stability
For this governmental way

One third of all the Senators
Are elected every two
So in a span of six years
They could all be done and through

Some are calling for term limits
As you see, they're now in place.
If you, the voters, are not happy
Then the egg is on your face

President (Executive)
I've covered most the government 
The ones in Washington
I've left the highest for the last
Yes, the president's the one

This position is for only one
And is at the very top
Elected by the whole U.S.
It's the place the buck will stop

The Electoral College was created
For this one and only seat
So we the people have an equal say
No matter where we eat

The states with most the people
Still have the greatest say
But the popular vote, because of them,
Doesn't always have its way

The popular vote, of every state,
Goes to this college place
In numbers of the House and Senate
To settle this elected race

The one with the most college votes
Totaled from each state's first choice
Is elected to be president
That way, all states have had a voice

To do away with this procedure
Could allow four states to set the rules
The other forty-six could be,
Unrepresented, stupid fools

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