Our little Octopus

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Years ago my wife and I decided that we would like to keep tropical fish, so off to the local aquatic centre, on entering, 
my wife spied an Octopus and fell in love with this creature immediately, after attaining information about this beautiful animal we decided to purchase and arranged for the shop to deliver and set up the aquarium, we decided to house the Octopus in the kitchen area as we were told this would be a more suitable environment, on the day that our beautiful Octopus was delivered the experts set up the aquarium installing filters, heaters, toys, and everything that our new friend would need, they explained again on how to care for it and instructed us on the importance of ensuring that the lid of the aquarium must always be securely fastened for obvious reasons, they left us with feeding instructions and a piece of two by two by about two feet long piece of timber which we had no idea why so we just disregarded this and placed it in a cupboard,
we were so pleased and in no doubt that we had done the right thing in giving this lovely creature a home,
then while at work on morning shift around 1pm I get a phone call from my distraught wife, voice full of panic screamed the Octopus had escaped and was on the kitchen floor, I suggested that she should ring the aquatic centre for advice and then ring me back, they advised her to keep him wet and get him back into the aquarium as soon as possible, being extremely worried I left work and arrived home to find the Octopus still on the floor so I rang the aquatic centre for further advice, they said do I still have the two by two piece of timber which I answered yes, they advised to use this, I retrieved the piece of wood and attempted to use it as a lever but as I managed to release one tentacle from the tiled floor another would ensure he was going nowhere, so out of desperation I rang them again which they agreed to send someone out to assist us, a young gentleman arrived about 30 minutes later, he asked if we had the piece of timber which I gave him, he asked us to leave the kitchen and shut the door,
I was inquisitive so I decided to peek through the keyhole, I just could not believe what I was seeing, this lovely young man walked up to our gorgeous Octopus with the timber stick in his hand and hit our little friend on the head at which the Octopus screamed ouch and placed all eight tentacles on his head, and the young man picked him up and placed him safely back into his aquarium.

20th April 2017.
Contest:- Jamie's interesting contest 2.
Memory, Octopus, keyhole.

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Date: 4/20/2017 4:36:00 PM
what a fabulous story Roy... the ending had me laughing out loud:-) good luck in the contest:-) hugs jan xx7
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Pett Avatar
Roy Pett
Date: 4/20/2017 5:02:00 PM
Thank you so much Jan, really appreciate your very kind comment and generosity, thanks again, Roy. :))