Odyssey from Africa 10b 11a

After two more hours of watching 
When the night was at its deepest 
Han roused Kwona for her vigil
Till the first light of the morning 

But a mood of laughter took them
By some magic of the nighttime 
And they crept toward the shoreline 
To continue with their love-play

By the sunrise all were sleeping 
All the family round the fireside 
Han was waked by strange sensation 
By a tongue that licked his forehead 

In an instant an electric 
Bolt of fear and panic roused him
Did some animal attack him?
He could smell a beast's aroma 
Leaping to his feet for action 
Han looked rapidly around him
Saw the hunting dog that waked him
Which however was not hostile  

Merely trotting from the fireside 
To a circle of companions
Several dozen human warriors
Standing all around their campsite.

Chapter 11 Ufalme Kisiwa (The Island Kingdom)

By armed men they were surrounded! 
This was clearly not a moment
To be fighting; Han was curious 
That the hunting dogs and humans

Seemed on friendly terms together 
Had they tamed these wild creatures?
All the family now awaking 
Soon perceived the situation 

Warriors bearing fearsome weapons 
Spears and swords with bronze blades gleaming 
Stood impassive in a circle 
All around the family's campsite 

Han had never seen such warriors
Seen such gleaming fire-forged metal
Such adroitly woven garments 
Or seen dogs domesticated

Now arose an altercation 
Rosy the baboon confronted
By a hunting dog; both creatures
Gave display of their aggression 

But a timely intervention 
By a handler and by Lisa
Stopped it going any further  
Then the leader of the party

With a powerful warrior escort
On each side now stepping forward 
Signaled Han to come and parley
To talk over their intentions 

Kwona stood between the children 
Held their hands for reassurance 
Rosy and Ipiki with them
As their future was decided 

Han could see that this war party
Came not from their southern homeland
But they knew each other’s language
So could speak together freely

Though the warriors' spoken accent
Curiously inflected upwards
At the end of every sentence 
So it sounded like a question?

All the warriors were the subjects
Of a far-off island kingdom
That to reach took many days of
Sailing over deep blue ocean 

On this vast and rugged island
Lived a growing vibrant nation
All descended from a party
Of explorers several centuries

Beforehand who on wild and
Wind-lashed ocean had been carried
Further out to sea than any
Man or woman had before them

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