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Now Who On Earth Was That

Poet's Notes

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I have been praying that the Lord
will give me poems that will break
off the crust of the world from people's
hearts so that they have a chance to
be saved, becoming God's children.

Now, Who On Earth Was That?

Can you imagine being in Israel when the Son of God 
was there in human form?

How He healed a woman with an issue of blood for twelve years
by touching the edge of His garment!

How He turned the well water into wine at the wedding at Cana!

How He took five loaves of bread and two fish and fed anywhere from
5,000 to a possibly 25,000 or more, men, women and children!

How He walked up to a bier carrying the only son of a widow
and raised him from the dead!

How He walked into a room where a child was lying dead on a mat
and raised her from the dead disregarding the mocking of the mourners!

How after four days He demanded that they roll back the stone from Lazarus tomb and raised him from the dead!  He put all of his memories
back in his mind, heart as his body was rotting!

How He can look at you and know exactly what you are thinking
whether good or bad!

How He forgave the adulterous woman and told her, Go and sin no more.  He didn’t allow her to be stoned and by the way, Where was the man?

How He raised and forgave the paralytic that was brought to Him 
by his four friends!

How He delivered Mary Magdalene of four demons.

How He gave His disciples power to heal the sick, raise the dead
and cast out devils  something that we can still do today!

Now, Who On Earth Was That?

How He touched the man with leprosy!

How He healed the two blind men who asked Him for their healing!

How He healed the blind beggar who was born blind!

How He healed all the people at various times!

How He dealt with vile religious leaders!

How He took the children up in His arms and blessed them!

Who On Earth Was That?

I will tell you, it was Jesus, the Christ the Son of the living God Who
gave His life that we might become the children of God!  Oh, and I forgot
to tell you, HE is coming back soon for HIS Church!  Get Ready!  

Written by:  Marilyn S. Jennings
May 2018

Copyright © | Year Posted 2018

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Date: 5/14/2018 9:07:00 AM
Your redemption is here...a little Jesus in your life today keeps the devil away...a lot of good vibes in your poem...All the best Marilyn
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