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I have slept but I have not slept
I have not slept but I have slept
For the first time in two years
I slept without a word of care
No codes, no crossroads
No railroads, no shiploads
No lizards no toads,
No frogs crawling in my throat
I had a digestible supper
Sweet potatoes with steamed fish slices
lettuce and cucumber with sesame oil
And a glass of purified water
I prepared this wonderful meal myself
and at last I could sleep soundly in my bed
It was not gamy or spicy  
The taste was right to appease
my damaged my appetite 
Later I took a walk down the street
Feeling quite happy and upbeat
I turned around and looked upside down
but there was nothing to be found
I slipped into the glasses shop
To replaced one of my missing lens
but I ended up doing the entire test again
You see that lenses was for driving
when I am outside I can see everything
I put on a double lenses and suddenly
everything came alive again
And I could see far and wide
I had the taste for lemon too
But it was too close to be true
the cost of a lemon here
Is more expensive than the lemon over there 
I walked through the little village
observing how the little man lives
an old women sitting on the side of the street
Selling quail eggs that was so little and neat
I have seen those eggs before
But today it kept knocking on my door
I stopped and asked what it was
And she picked one up and
cracked it open on the side of the basket
signaling that something was inside of it
the quail is a humble creature  
It can camouflage to hide its self
or even shrink to pretend as if it is dead
the woman persuaded me to buy some
but I wasn’t sure if I could digest it
black and white, brown and white
quail eggs piled up in baskets 
they have been around since  the seven hundred and seventy BC
and have migrated to many countries 
they are symbolic of the old world and new world 
and you can also find them in the underworld
I wanted to give it a try
but size of the egg forced me to say goodbye
I kept thinking if its edibility and digestibility,
so why did it crossed my path in the dark?
there is a message in it for us all
I had tangerines in my hands and they were tiny too
they were sweeter than me and you
It is not the size of the eggs that matters
but the eminent effects dripping from the albumen
I went back home and sprawled out in my King size bed
watching the monkey jumping around the dragon’s head
I didn’t dream, I didn’t scream
the night was as cozy as can be
I held tight onto my pillow 
eating haagen dazs ice cream
while talking to the fellows
It’s the first time in history
that I have every felt so relaxed and cozy
I bleached my bed sheet earlier in the day
I went over my spread sheet before I prayed
and  ate something  bitter and sweet before I got laid
I didn’t snore; I didn’t cry the Angels above
Just stood by monitoring my heart beat
and listening to the rhythmic beat from the backseat
the night drew to a close producing  the final worksheet
The birds were silent and everyone was fast asleep
The mad wind has just passed through
Sending a strong message to me and you
Earlier in day they treated me to seafood lunch
but I didn’t have any appetite so it wasn’t much fun
I watched it cruised around the round table
but I didn’t touched one seafood dish because I wasn’t able
I just pretend to eat it but honestly I did not enjoy it
I am not an early morning eater,
neither am I a midnight sleeper
The shrimp and clam walked hand in hand
And the squid with it long tentacles
 and arms dressed neatly on the plate looking for a date
A whole grilled rooster was served too
chopped in portions to please me and you
It’s head stood erect, beak and eyes neatly roasted 
and it looked  very conceited , they eat everything
Its crispy comb stands on top of its bald head
and its grilled wattle dangling under its chin
standing still and tidbitting
It circled around me several times
but at last I decided to give it a try
I picked out a portion and put it on my plate
But something told me that it was getting late
I put the chopsticks up to my mouth
but the grilled roster could not passed my throat
It was tasteless and hard, I chewed on it
and spited it quickly out of my mouth
To avoid the embarrassment I place it
discreetly on the side of my plate
And ate fry noodles and green vegetable
before it was too late
So the shrimps, squid and clam
were more delicious than Virginia ham
but I could not eat it and I could not digest it
It was too early for such a lavish dinner spree
The grilled rooster really turned me off
It was not good for all almost all of it was left on the plate
I had to call up my longtime schoolmate
And send it back to hell before it was too late
Its dead but it still causes me to have cold sweat
The rice porridge was clean and pure
I drank it without feeling obscure.
I could eat it and I could digest 
So I swallowed it in one deep breath
I have slept but I have not slept
I have not slept but I have slept.

Copyright © | Year Posted 2018

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