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Arms and head missing.
Not an accident.
This was intentional.

Bobby Bendarino smiling.
Busting with pride over his handiwork.
Unashamed of his behavior.

Convinced he'd get away with it
He even winked.
Making the young girl's screams louder.

"Damn," I thought,
"Why do I have to be the only one around
When these things happen?"

Eventually, I would have to sort the scene.
A body with no head or arms;
A smug boy, a devastated best friend.

First, I examined what was left of the body.
Female, naked, nice figure, white.
No purse or wallet nearby, but I recognized her.

"Got any idea what happened here?"
I asked no one in particular.
The crying girl pointed a finger at the male.

"He did it!" She said.
"He's hated her for years just because
She was mine,." She sniffed.

"I did nothing and you can't
Prove I did," he said smugly,
His eyes betraying a little fear.

Just seeing him break into a sweat
Was enough to convince me of his guilt,
But how to prove it?

"Kayla," I said addressing the girl.
"Is this how and where you last saw her?"
She shook her head.

"Last night, when we went to sleep
Together, she had on a white nightie.
And arms and a head!" She shouted.

Maybe I should check out Bobby's digs?
I headed that way and what a find:
A tattered nightie with one arm still in it.
"No way to explain this away,"
I thought triumphantly!
Bobby would get what he had coming.

Others in my position would call it closed.
But I wanted to be sure.
I searched for the other appendage to no avail.

Putting the evidence in a bag
With as much care as possible
I headed back to talk to my suspects.

"Quite incriminating!" I said,
Pointing to the nightie and severed arm.
"Anything to say?"

"Really? Isn't that a little obvious?
She probably left it to get me in trouble."
He pointed at the still sobbing Kayla.

"Seriously?" I thought to myself.
This kid is good.
But not good enough.

"Tell me, Bobby, where were you
This morning when the crime took place?"
"Alone in my room," he replied.

"Unfortunately, the crime scene tells
A very different story," I said.
The smile left his eyes for the first time.

"Veteran of a war, soldier?" I asked
Pulling out the final nail in Bobby's coffin:
A camouflage hat with Bobby's name on it.

"We found this in the victim's room, 
And you were seen wearing it earlier this morning."
"No! I didn't do it," and finally I saw the smug veneer crack.

"Xylophone stick on your pocket?"
I played my final card, turning his left
Pants pocket inside out revealing the missing head and arm.

Yelling, Bobby said, "You can't do that mommy! Not fair!"
Kayla cried, "Barbie!!!! I was so worried!"
She grabbed the pieces and began to reassemble her friend.

"Zillions of moms in the world,
And mine has to be a cop!!"
"Say you're sorry to your sister and go to your room. You're grounded!"


Copyright © | Year Posted 2015

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Date: 7/7/2016 4:28:00 PM
I really love your take in the dialogue style of your work... Congrats Cindi, for your placement in the contest!! ;-)
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Rockwell Avatar
Cindi Rockwell
Date: 7/11/2016 10:14:00 AM
Thank you!
Date: 7/7/2016 10:09:00 AM
This is an interesting form..Congrats.
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Rockwell Avatar
Cindi Rockwell
Date: 7/11/2016 10:15:00 AM
It was a challenge, for sure!
Date: 7/6/2016 6:28:00 PM
Congratulations Cindi on the placement of the contest.
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Rockwell Avatar
Cindi Rockwell
Date: 7/11/2016 10:16:00 AM
Thank you!
Date: 7/26/2015 6:03:00 AM
Wow Cindi, you got me hooked right from the start! Loved it! Keep them coming! hugs!
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