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My Terrorist Watch List

I Am NOT An Angry ANON,
just a very angry recently informed man.
There will be guns world wide aiming at yours truly,
along with over one million other citizens of my country.
sometime in the very soon future I guarantee,
because we are all on our government's watch list,
which claims that all of us, including me, are all suspected terrorists.
Now Think About That For A Moment Everybody.
Our Government's Terrorist Watch List Has Over 1 Million, OVER One Million,
Suspected Terrorists Living In The USA, My Country!
We have more suspect terrorists in any given area internationally,
and all are legally born, but also very outspoken brave American citizens,
and my government knows that I and all of they, Will Never Be Silenced,
We Are Legion,
We Do Not Forgive Or Forget Crimes Against Humanity And Treason.
We Refuse To Live In A World Government Ruled In Any Dictatorial Fashion.
We Will Not Rest, We Will Always Be Relentless
We Will Continue To Expose The Truth Of Your Evil Plan To All Regardless.
That You Have Placed Me On The Terrorist Watch List!!!
.. even though the following could very well be my fate one day,
an enemy combatant detainment camp, where I'll live the rest of my days,
along with all who were included with me on your "DISSIDENT" Watch List.
You Will Never Silence Us All, especially this loud mouthed son of a witch.
All these True Patriots on your god forsaken list,
Will continue to fight you tooth and nail, We Will Always Resist!
To all you global bankers, heed very seriously this message, 
All Of You Who Orchestrate My President, And All Of Congress,
I And All Who Are On That Ridiculous Terrorist Watch List,
Aren't Going Anywhere.
Expect Us.

but I would lay down my life for those True Patriots.
A little something all can share with the rest;
If your flight boarding pass displays an SSSS,
congratulations, you have joined the rest of us 
on The Homeland Security Terrorist Watch List.

(Secondary Security Screening Suspect)

Copyright © | Year Posted 2017

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Date: 6/1/2017 2:22:00 PM
Kindness and compassion is by no means the mark of a terrorist, Billy. Free speech is no crime when it conceals no violence nor menacing intent towards others. This is a dire warning, that should be taken into consideration. Keep well, stay safe and vigilant!! Best wishes, Mikki
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