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My Land


Staff rod in hand and, on my feet a good pair of hardy leather shoes
Set off onto the bight coastal track to a view of many colourful hues

In four score plus ten of my years; not a day ceases to me to amaze
Scattered along the ridge line, sheep idle away their days, they graze

As marram grass sways, anchoring the sand brought by the sea wind
Listening to the deafening sound of the seagulls their shrills ingrained

This land, my land as one of my forefather’s son’s, my claim of proof
As far as my eye can see and as far as the cattle can roam their hoof

A legacy given to me by God and by my hands, my toil it shall remain
No; false deceiver shall walk her, with a promise of a lie, shall he feign

Each animal upon her, lives its life in freedom, until their time is called
Before slaughtered; with respect and, placed upon the table sprawled 

With thanks and praises given to the bellies it now is given to nourish
And bones grounded down and, returned to earth in which to flourish

In turn the animals eat the greener grass its wealth to them unknown
This the the cycle of life, it is by my father’s father to son been shown

A seal pup on the shore cries ardently for its mother it wants to be fed
Scottish folklore that seal Selkies which fill the shore, fill folk with dread

Shed their skins into human form, which not short of a mermaid’s tale
For seven years they roam, drawn to some lonely sailor plight, their ail

Shep the sheep dog though not original in name scurries the dry grass
Upsetting the grouse and long tailed pheasants as they limber on pass

Pleasant is this land given in its wonderment and awe, its beauty score
As musical notes of each animal and creature in tune across this shore

This balance of nature cannot in anyway be understated or, be ignored
This certitude; between heaven and earth and, its ever eternal life cord

Rests upon my shoulders, its weight is more so embedded in my heart
As I idle the bight pathway of this coast until it’s time for me to depart

My dried and cracked salted spray leather shoes shall be left then to lie 
My staff left standing in the hallway and, with my dog resting I shall die

My son’s will follow in my foot steps, along the bight path of this coast
Give cheers and blessings also and in their fathers name they will toast

Hallow be my blessings shall rise above this beautiful and pleasant land
That it should suffer not any detriment this is my and God’s command

Dad . . . : )

Indiana Shaw . . . -_-

Copyright © | Year Posted 2019

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Date: 9/7/2019 10:18:00 PM
This sounds like a holy place indeed! "This balance of nature cannot in anyway be understated or, be ignored This certitude; between heaven and earth and, its ever eternal life cord" WOW!
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Shaw Avatar
Indiana Shaw
Date: 9/8/2019 11:34:00 AM
Thanks Caren, Scotland can have an Godly effect on you . . . ; )