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My Dear On The Ridge

There was a dear who had a ridge that she perched from
It was where she felt welcome 
Below there was a road 
Where cars must go. 

They would be driving in singles and pairs 
Going too fast that gave my dear many scares. 
“Go slow, go slow,” She would say 
Each and every day. 

There was such a thunder on the road
From men going to work you know 
“It was a mistake” 
My dear was being honest not a fake.

Down to the river my dear would go 
Needing a break from this dilemma that haunted like something she owed  
Here there was a drink of water 
From a bottle that was marked ‘wish you where here in Florida” 

One sip two sip then there was three 
It was as refreshing as running with Wendy 
Who never had a name,
as a freshman who played an innocent sorority game 
This dear that she was love the craft 
That ended in an angry wrath 

This dear lost her head 
After realizing she was lured into a situation where later she would be found dead  
When the dear was done
 having fun 
It was time to leave the tranquil pond 
Since there was too much going on 

Passing two barns filled with hay 
Waiting for teenagers needing a resting stay 
Don’t get me wrong this was not a sleepaway song

No that wasn’t the thing 
instead it was a place where those who think they can perform could sing. 
But truth be told 
Since it wasn’t really that cold 
They used the hay thing 
To show off their inside stuff with the hopes of getting a wedding ring 

Then my dear saw the mansion and this made my dear do some prancing 
Looking to lure a mate to do some dirty dancing 
Approaching the bell before the occupant opened the gate to hell. 

It was a deformed superhero named Toxie who lived there with his friend named Roxie 
Holding a mop like it was a stick the superhuman knew that my dear had enough screaming about this schtick. 
“Toxie how are you?” My dear did ask 
And there was no doubt no one was hiding behind any kind of a mask. 
“I am fine,” Toxie stated, “this is your dime and now that you waited” 

“I must talk to you about the drivers after they wreck since they were going to quick and are need of that mop on your stick.”
“Well my dear,” Toxie did not give a sneer, “after I did my job cleaning the swamp, I gave the government everything they want, 
My suggestion my dear remember there was a recession, they have no business going that fast especially if they knew the past.” 
After hearing the dialogue that really went to long 
My dear thought about all those who hummed the bars 
While driving fast in their cars 

Singing that is right and they needed to hit the notes to hear it with might. 
Yes, my dear the industry has had a lot of insults 
That has caused many jolts 
But they forged on 
Despite those who thought it was a con 

Knowing the scene makes one happy 
And sometimes sappy. 
“Toxie is there a plan besides just clapping the hands,” My dear wanted to know about the show. 
“Keep them informed,” Toxie warned, “post a flyer that they would admire to come she them perform and feel nice and warm.” 

My dear took the thoughts and headed back to the ridge 
And created this pitch. 
“You may come to a complete halt knowing that none of this is your fault, 
After studying the words power and speed a lesson is there indeed, 
My dear we are not here to scare Jessica to death 
Instead come to terms to the reason respect was giving to the publisher named Hef. 
While pondering the ID remember twenty-one is the year 
when one should start enjoying the cheer.” 

Putting the stamp on the memo my dear dropped in the box 
To be picked up the next day by the delivery fox 

At the ridge my dear did sit 
no longer needing to get into a fit. 
You see my dear was never a fool 
Since my dear knew the golden rule 
that kids are people too 
And that is why we say waka do waka do waka do 

Copyright © | Year Posted 2020

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