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My Day Part 2 continued From Part 1

Continued  From My Day Part1
Just as I thought of it a little old woman stumbled up beside me and greeted me with a funny dialect
I had to listen hard to understand the content of everything
I began to ask her some questions in the standard language
and I discovered that she was the nicest thing
She was seventy years old, had four children but her husband was dead
She owns the vegetable plot under the bridge and she brought mulch
in two baskets and spread it out on the concrete and put a cover over it
She said her health was ok but she suffers from a terrible back ache
For a woman working in the fields she is healthy for her age
She showed no sign of agony she looked quite happy
The peasant life is hard to understand they don’t complain
About anything and they don’t have nothing
With two buckets attached to a bamboo stick
hanging across her shoulder she left to fetch water for her garden
I looked towards the sky and the rain clouds were standing by
Children across the stream were screaming and shouting
There wasn’t a doubt that they weren’t having a very good time
I left that place and made my way home
But the old men under the tree had me spell bound
We talked about geography, history and philosophy
They weren’t happy about Uncle Sam because he was sucking
The money from their cultural land, one of them did not make
Any apology to speak out against Uncle Sam’s brutality
I felt as if I was giving a lecture everyone seems to have an opinion
No matter where you go the Devil is always the talk of the show
I bid them goodbye and hurried away
Something interesting caught my attention
Some children eating fudge were very happy
But one wearing a black tea-shirt stood out
She had writing on her shirt saying
“How is it going to end”
Sometimes I asked myself that question too
I read it out loud for them in English
And everyone thought it was funny and laughed,they were very happy
Children are quite amazing and they can make you happy
I continue walking and thinking about everything
I found myself entwined with another group of people
One was wearing a purple shirt and another was talking loud
Everyone ask the same questions “where are you from”
And I always give them the same answer
They said that they were from the same family
We pounced upon another   little crowd of old men playing games
I have been seeing old men for most of the day what was the connection
I started to wonder, am I missing something again or was it coincident
The old man was weaving a special ball from bamboo
It has to be done a special way but no one could help him
because they did not study the tradition
And could not hand it down to the younger generation
Everyone stared at him but no one could help him
He attempted to put in the weave several times but had to remove it because it declined
I left that group and poked my head into another group of old men playing
A strategy board game called Xingqi, two men sat at both ends of the board
While a group of touters hang around
They persuade the players which way to move
And everyone was getting into the grove
The touting was so loud both players did not know when to make the right move
For one moment I thought they were in the boxing ring
And the ring master was shouting where to land the punch
In the end both men could not stand to lose
so one man block the game  to suppress the winner
I left that place and headed home and stop quickly in the market to get ginger
Luckily I learn the price of things or the vendor would have done me in
She wanted to sell me a pound of ginger for eight dollar
When it was sold two stall above her for half the price
I returned to my abode and run around the track for what it is worth
With my bag around my back and my ginger and cup in my hand
I ran one lap around the track and instantly I got my energy back
It was just a simple test to see how long I could hold my breath
I don’t have to fret I could have done ten laps in an hour
Miracles do happen and you have to position yourself to receive it
Just when I thought the day was over
Someone invited me out for dinner
We went to a clean restaurant
Had a simple meal and at last the day was complete
Today was my day and I had it my way.


Copyright © | Year Posted 2018

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