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My Day Part 1 continued in Part 2

The rest of this poem continued in Part 2
I had to get out from behind the wall so that my spirit could grow tall
I had to get out from behind the wall to breathe fresh air and mingle with the atmosphere
I journeyed along the dusty road looking at the dolesome crowd gallivanting around the town
Its new year’s celebrations for heaven sake, enjoy the time before it’s too late
Many people were having fun while others seem to be on the run
I stopped and asked a few questions just to mingle with the nation
The old man with the bamboo pipe answered me but he was not so polite
I kept walking until I saw a big place; beautiful arranged flowers caught my attention
bright pink Bougainvillea, red poinsettias, bright yellow chrysanthemum
arranged in a certain way to brighten up the day and show us the way
And just beside them a statue of a beautiful woman with a dove standing on her left shoulder
And another sitting in her lap and feeding from her right hand
I try to bring the image alive but there was no inscription or anyone to explain
Everyone I asked frowned at me indicating that they do not know their history
Not far from there another woman relaxing with a baby looking at his mother caught my attention
There was so much symbolism and meaning but I could not figure it out and no one knew what it was about. 
I left that place and walked to the corner of the road close to the place I have been before
Some old men sat quietly under a tree turning pages in a book and reading geography
I inquired how to get under the bridge and the old man gave me direction
I went under the bridge and everything was so fascinating
Vegetable gardens planted about and garbage scattered all around
I found a clean spot and sat on a rock in-front of the colorless stream
Banana plants bundled together hang close to the edge
And other trees whose names I did not know spread out all around
Everything in town is magnificent at nights 
But the scene is different in broad daylight
It is more like the Cinderella story the beautiful ball ended
And Cinderella had to hurry before the fairy godmother replaced her raggedy clothes
Deception prowls around at night and you have to put up a fight until everything is right
The alcoholic mind and the natural mind are one of two in sharp decline
The cool spring wind blew over the mystical stream telling me to hold on to my dream
My heart is longing for the perfect place
When I can meet and touch your beautiful face
I will fill your heart with gladness
And get rid of the winter sadness
I will sing a song for you and write a poem especially for you
I will wet your lips with tenderness and drench you with happiness
I will whisper sweet words in your ears and anoint the back of your ear
I will camp with you at the top of the mountain
And dance with you in the middle of the ocean
The grass is green, the music is sweet and I can see you in my dream
The battle is strong but you will conquer the bad man
And carry the bright torch all over the land
Just as I envisioned it I will be around to witness it
It is nice to be away from the twist and turn
Oh that is the sound of a motor boat
I wonder what this is all about
Three women in big straw hats gliding upstream
Looking towards the sky as if they were my spiritual guide
They didn’t move their head, they didn’t turn their face
There back turned towards me and I could not see their faces
They drove up the stream in a make shift bamboo boat
With the engine so loud you could hear it from a thousand miles
I was so impressed; they caused me to scratch my head
I wondered if they were real or they were angles floating up the stream
There is something magnificent about water, even if it is dirty water
It heals, it cleanse and it purifies to make way up to the sky
It can get rid of dirt too and God was not foolish when he created heaven and earth
He separated the night from the day and made a firmament along the way

Copyright © | Year Posted 2018

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