Mountain Man

                                                                                                                              From Chicago to Tampa Bay in a Ford Granada some time in the mid- 70's. Unfortunately, we were not interested in mountains, because we took interstate 75 and drove through Tennessee 'at night'. We felt the elevation but never saw the Smoky Mountains.                                                              

As we proceeded south, our four year old kept asking, "Are we there yet?"                                                          Can you blame her?  We should have had at least one mountain story                                                                   to tell; and why did we not take time to enjoy the healthy smoke?                                                                   We arrived in Tampa by way of mostly 'flat lands'.                                                                                                                                             

On another occasion we drove from northern Mississippi to Atlanta.  While there, we not only viewed, but also trekked until we grew tired.  The visit on 'Stone Mountain' was a good one as we also enjoyed the beautiful water fall.                                                                                           

Fast forward to 1981, and find me driving a '79 chevy chevette from San Francisco to Lake Tahoe.  Oh, what a ride! From just above sea level to over 9,000 feet and the worst head ache of my life.  Our second child who was then four was on board, but he was head ache free. Nice sceneries, and mountains aplenty, but I should have had my head examined; not because                      of the elevation, but because I had the audacity to drive a Chevette.

Later in the early 80's with my entire family on board, I headed up another mountain in Marin County, Ca.  This time there was plenty of room and  power in an 8 cylinder full sized Chevy van. Just beyond the Golden Gate is Mt. Tamalpais, but we never reached the top, because my wife changed her mind.

My most recent mountain experience was a scenic view from a Jumbo Jet.  Returning from a vacation by way of Portland, I had a nice view of *Mt. St. Helen 36 years after the mountain blew its top in 1980. No, that does not make me a 'Mountain Man'; but from where I sit 30 feet above sea level, it is rather refreshing.
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*Or Was it Mt. Hood?

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Date: 8/10/2017 6:51:00 PM
Good one Curis. I enjoyed this. Good luck in the contest :)
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