Message In A Bottle

I fell for you in the way of the ultimate universe.
I was swept away by the waves of the emerging ocean
I was immersed into the concept of uplifting and compassionate emotion
due to the presence of this mystery element that has been to my dry skin, my healing lotion.
I have worked hard to focus on self-love and self-respect,
enough to embrace the project to remove and eject
the poisonous spirits and negative energy from my days
I would rather love me than to hate another anyway.

I have emoted beautifully to others to receive no responses.
Left unloved and alone, I experience being despondent.
To hear the same words that I uttered to another
would create a euphoric sensation to this ex-lover.
I want for us to love and adore each other,
but it cannot happen if we do not come from the undercover with their true lover.
The truth is as refreshing as the overdue cup of fresh water on the rocks,
even if it's hidden in a FIJI bottle, it's not as bad as a lie confined up to docks.

The harsh realities of this dysphoric journey
helps me to realize that I'm not of this world, that this is not for me.
How can I escape the unrealistic reality and channel my inner truth?
Just one message can unlock my innermost vulnerabilities to you.
This smile that's really crying denial,
crying inside, crying, no smile
Conflicted choices of either living a safe yet self-destructive lie
or bear the slander and defamation and ignorance to be of the truth, to be set free and fly.

Sometimes, the answers to all of our questions in life could be among the most random places,
whether inside of a fortune cookie, a billboard, a song, a verse, a proverb, a message in a bottle, or in someone's eyes or face.
Do I still have questions that need answers? Only the message lost at sea can indicate what's left to discuss or fuss about.

Close your eyes, relax your mind
Just breathe, and let it go.
Experience one last catharsis . . . . . .  

Copyright © | Year Posted 2017

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Date: 11/14/2017 11:55:00 PM
Interesting actually I'm looking for a poem about catharsis thank you.
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