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Megan's Quest Part 4of7

The Company was set and all were prepared for a journey that was true cause for alarm. But their spirits were high and as much as they dared still hoped to rescue the poor Tailor from harm. The morning was early with the sun in their face as they walked in the direction of Bulberry Wood. Where Slaygon in front was setting a reasonable pace while the others kept up the best that they could. Slaygon was concerned about the Trolls they would meet who would not surrender the Father with ease. As the Troll King himself would not give in to defeat and could give battle as long as he pleased. He knew the Trolls were much bigger and mean so a direct confrontation would be their demise. A plan would be needed to where they could operate unseen and all survive to rescue their prize. Now Blender came next...and announced in good cheer, 'It is a marvelous adventure we have set for our goal. And a fortnight from now we'll reach the frontier and save the Father those beastly Creatures have stole.' But behind Blender's wide smile he wanted to flee as he was much troubled by what lay ahead. As he was not nearly as brave as he pretended to be masking an inner most deep feeling of dread. Now Megan was far younger than at first she appeared and had the advantage that youth will dispose. But she was strong and determined... not burdened by fear and ready to do anything the 'lumps would propose. And sweet Regan was pleased for the quest they were on hoping to battle the Trolls who had caused him such grief. To face any danger with a rare dose of courage and brawn and do anything that may aid his Father's release. If there was a shadow to be cast on this formidable band it was Graygall who was ill-natured right from the start. As he often grumbled and griped about taking a stand against an army of Trolls who would tear them apart. 'This is madness,' said Graygall who wanted to quit though none would share in his gloom. 'Our demise is far more certain than you care to admit and any gallant talk will not save us from doom.' 'Hush my Brother,' said Bestia to quiet his voice 'We are on a quest of hope and redemption. And if we should die... let the world sing a song to rejoice where two 'lumps were worthy of mention.' Now the Talkalot was smiling and never stopped talking and seemed quite happy with no need of control. He showed not the least bit of fear and calmly kept walking as just out for a leisurely stroll. Megan felt some relief with Bestia at her side to give the impression that all would be right. And with brave Slaygon in front to act as their guide... and she hoped the Troll castle would soon be in sight. They slept another night under the stars and in the morning set out for the day. But the forest was dark and they had not traveled far where they came upon a Bog reeking of death and decay. The Talkalot spoke, 'This land seems far out of line with sordid conditions to pluck and to rot. I fear the flowers we pick will soon be a dying should the thing be seeded and play on this spot.' Blender nodded his head and turned to the rest, 'The Talkalot says we must be cautious and wary. It seems the Bog must be carefully addressed as it contains a Creature most fiendish and scary.' Bestia stepped forward and was the first to enter the Bog while Slaygon and Blender were closely behind. The others waited on shore in a most insidious fog unsure of what the others may find. Greygall whispered, 'Do you see the results of your game? Three brave Bumpalumps have gone to their end. They will perish in the Bog and you will live with the shame.' Megan replied, 'Then we will all die as friends.' Megan entered the Bog with Regan aside to join the 'lumps should they meet with distress. When the Talkalot looked at Graygall and in a note of disdain, 'The color yellow is not prone to impress.' The Talkalot followed the Children into the fog with his usual virtue of goodness and cheer. While Graygall reluctantly also entered the Bog with a mixture of trepidation and fear. Suddenly Bestia stopped and grabbed their attention and raising her arm to be clear. And slowly turned and spoke with quiet contention, 'The Creature we dread is now near.' Bestia said, 'Form a circle if you value your lives and be prepared to wack and to hack.' As even Megan and Regan were carrying small knives to help in case of attack. They stood in a circle not making a sound and waited breathlessly for what they may meet. Knowing some evil Creature was lurking around and for their lives... they would have to compete. But the Bog remained still and Graygall took heart, 'I think Bestia has made a mistake. The Creature we fear has been gone from the start and was probably just a worm or a snake.' Graygall had finished when Slaygon noticed some bubbles that seemed to be moving and cause for alarm. 'Everyone... Look to the right as I fear we have trouble so prepare to defend the Children from harm.' End of Part 4/7 *For those who might be interested. I will be posting my cartoon 'Bob's your Uncle' on my homepage. A new one will appear every second day.

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