Massacred Nation

The year 1890
December 29th
Wounded Knee, South Dakota
My tribe lost their lives

The USS 7th
On their orders so
To round up the Sioux
Railroad herd them and go

Us Lakota were next
To disarm their request
But my cousin Black Coyote
At best he was deaf

Not hearing the orders
To lay down our guns
A chain reaction
Ensued on my tribal ones

Chaos and mayhem
Distressed our grounds
This proud nation
Beaten down

Men, women and children
300 slain
Another reminder
For the white mans gain

To disrespect the fallen
Slows our souls to our gods
We were left in a blizzard
Hardened like logs

In three days we rose
Civilians did lift
And dumped us unceremoniously
In a hole in the drift

My corpse and my peoples
Stripped and robbed
As flakes of snow
Confirm our spirits have sobbed

As i am reborn again
In another country
It gives me the freedom
To look back and see

That December day in 1890
Gunning down innocent ones
Not so mighty
The Medal of Honor
In their distinguished past
The record still stands
On their chests they flash

But attitudes change
As two centuries pass
The Medal Of Honor
Has won back its class
No longer the weak
Gunned down by the strong
Its man against man
Sometimes they do wrong

So as i sit back in my adopted nation
Will i live again past this lives station
Writing the wrongs of modern man
This Lakota warrior who never ran

Copyright © | Year Posted 2009

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Date: 6/14/2009 1:56:00 PM
Hi James. I finally got to read this one and only one word describes it, WOW! In my mind I was transported back to that time and felt the pain and loss endured by these great people. A touching tribute to those of the past who should never be forgotten. If you ask me,both sides lost that fateful day,blood being shed all because of a mistake. Great write my friend. Melody?
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Date: 6/1/2009 1:40:00 PM
Bravo.!! I can never forget the Wounded Knee Battle.. I praise you in the way you expressed the feelings of the familys that were dead!!
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Date: 5/11/2009 3:58:00 PM
What an incredible write, filled with history and powered by residual emotions from a past life! The way our nation's native people were treated is shameful and you make a good case for taking back "Medals of Honor" awarded to those who perpetrated this travesty. (I'm thinking this may be a personal memory?) Excellent work!
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