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Maria Elena, My Daughter

Maria Elena

M-is for Motivated, that really is you.
A-is for Aliveness, all the year through.
R-is for religion,you are a lover of God"
   and shows in all that you do.
I-is for Integrity, that honest spark,
   that makes you,you.
A-is for the Alacrity'with which you get 
   jobs done.

E-is for Endurance in work, home and 
L-is for Love, which in reality, your
    name should be.
E-is for Eager at each task at hand.
N-is for National, a woman proud uniquely 
    proud of this land.
A-is for Attractive, your skin, eyes and body, 
   that set men reeling.

July 27, 2019
Noon PST

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Date: 8/23/2019 3:51:00 PM
I absolutely enjoyed the tribute to your daughter, Panagiota.. Superbly done, my friend.. So inspirational and touching.. Have a blessed day!
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Romios Avatar
Panagiota Romios
Date: 8/24/2019 10:43:00 AM
Oh, how nice of you to say all this. I made the poem into Poetry Art. It's sooooo beautiful. Panagiota
Date: 8/21/2019 4:50:00 AM
A lovely tribute Panagiota, just saw the comments, I've used my wife's iPad to put pics on and hers is an old one. Tom
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Romios Avatar
Panagiota Romios
Date: 8/21/2019 7:39:00 AM
Mine is the very first version...made in the 17th century. Maybe it does work, but my keyboard went nuts when I tried the features once I became a Premium Member. I can't use it on my version far as I know. It comes with a drawbridge.))) Panagiota
Date: 7/28/2019 3:09:00 PM
A great tribute to your daughter, Pan! You reared her well that's for sure. Thanks for you comment re Barking Mutts. Its not as bad as I portrayed in the write - at least they take them in at nite. I'm neither fond of dogs or the jerks who don't control them. That's why I have a docile, well-behaved cat named Jeff. You are indeed fortunate to live in an area where you don't have to tolerate such inconsiderate people! Take good care - Bob
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Hinshaw Avatar
Robert L. Hinshaw
Date: 7/28/2019 3:10:00 PM
Date: 7/28/2019 6:57:00 AM
A truly wonderful tribute and so expressive of the infinite love from mother to daughter. I am sure you have true and just cause to be and feel so very blessed at having such a beautiful and kind daughter my friend.. A fav... I have a wonderful, kind and beautiful daughter too and I feel the same way.
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Romios Avatar
Panagiota Romios
Date: 7/28/2019 12:47:00 PM
Robert, you know what I mean then! We are also best friends,which makes it more beautiful. What I wrote, is only a sall snapshot of who she is. And the contribution she has made in my life.
Date: 7/27/2019 3:49:00 PM
Beautiful tribute to your daughter. I only wish you could have attached a photograph! No worries. I can picture her in my mind, and she is a WOW!
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Romios Avatar
Panagiota Romios
Date: 7/27/2019 4:01:00 PM
Cannot do with iPad. Dark brown hair,beautiful brown eyes and gorgeous olive skin. Add a smile that will not quit with gorgeious teeth. No caps..the real deal. And a soft heart and willingness to do whatever it takes. Thank you Caren, such a support you have been to me since Jan, 2019" wow.
Date: 7/27/2019 3:07:00 PM
A lovely heartfelt poem--awesome tribute, Panagiota.
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Romios Avatar
Panagiota Romios
Date: 7/27/2019 3:13:00 PM
Happy Saturday! So glad to hear from you. Panagiota. Thank you
Date: 7/27/2019 2:47:00 PM
Panagiota, I like this poem. What a special moment in a life it is. You stand witness to them grow from favorite blankies, Barney, and patty-cakes, watch them learn to laugh, and love, and even cry, when they make mistakes. Their heart all the better for the journey, they fly.., though you feel your own breaking when they wave good-bye. -Richard
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TheRaven Avatar
Quoth TheRaven
Date: 8/26/2019 11:18:00 AM
I dropped by for another read. Truly the best remedy for a tired soul..your words of endearment. -Richard
Romios Avatar
Panagiota Romios
Date: 7/27/2019 3:12:00 PM
Wow, Richard! Do you realize your comment is a poem in itself! It's beautiful! I walked her down the aisle at her wedding, omg.,was the hardest thing I ever did in my life. She was married one month after 9/11. My grandson is equally wonderful. And a fantastic dense of them tremendously. Thank you, good week ahead for you,Panagiota
Date: 7/27/2019 1:48:00 PM
Your daughter sounds like a beautiful woman, Panagiota, I guess she takes after you. :) A wonderful tribute my friend. All the best. John
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Romios Avatar
Panagiota Romios
Date: 7/27/2019 2:32:00 PM
John, how sweet of you to say that. Yes she is beautiful, inside and out. Her name could be compassion, too.Maria has tons of that virtue.She is far prettier than I and a woman of great wishes,,Panagiota