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Mamma And Mammi

Specific word : Maasi, A word used to pronounce to mother's sister.

My Mamma was of five.,
And her younger sister was three years old.,
When her mother took of the world.,
Leaving her three days old infant.
Mamma and maasi were taken care.,
By their father in the most protected and fulfilled manner.
Mamma always looked after her sister,
Named "Preeti" just as a mom would do.
At the perfect time .,
Both were married in same laws.,
Mamma was now holding.,
Two different relations with her Preeti
Always took care of her and now her children .,
Were also Mamma's love.
Apart from her own child,
Mamma was having one special children of her,
Who was just two years younger than her , Preeti.
Mamma will do all the extraordinary tasks for her beloved,
I am Mamma's daughter.,
I used to call Preeti as maasi till my nine and tens.,
Then upon my heartwish started calling her Mammi
As she..
She'd always treat me as her own daughter.,
Whenever there'd be a single article.,
She'd eliminate her children and give it to me.
I was too habitual of her .,
I would cry a lot when returning from her place.
We all were having a great time.
Each festive the family will reunite ,
Mamma and mammi will cook and 
We ,The cousins will make joy.,
But time and tide wait for none.

Misunderstandings rose into complaints.,
Sun changed setting to West,
No talks, no consultancies,
Between Mamma and Mammi.
I also considered Mammi as guilty.,
Yes.. something is right to someone and.,
Same is wrong to the other.
We can't have same mindsets.

Today , after a long time,
I visited to her,
She was not well this time
But seeing me she energetically sat up and 
As usual kissed my hands multiple times.,
Wondering my visit, said with a heavy throat ,
"I call you a lot but each time nobody picks it up there."
I was wordless as I was also one of the guilties.,
Talking to her time blown like wind,
I was returning from her ,
She called me to her,
Kissed me twice and did the usual moneygifting.
But this time, the amount was more than the usual
May be due to the reason that she even does not know.,
When I will come again to her.,
I talk to her all about this world,
but each time forget to explain it.,
Mammi ,You are my Mamma's ocean and my sky.
Today I saw your dark circles.,
And it was the first sign That I 'd have noticed of your aging.
Today My heart is asking me to again change your name..,
Instead of Mammi I want to call you Maa.
My Mamma is obviously my world.,
But Maa you are my world's world.

Copyright © | Year Posted 2017

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Date: 5/12/2018 4:09:00 PM
such love and sentiment shown.. Mothers are the world even those that take their place..
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Date: 11/14/2017 12:25:00 AM
Great poem Shagun, this is the poem which has emerged from the heart, a great heartfelt poem. The words are chose so passionately that the reader can connect himself from the poem directly. In first para the happy go lucky family changes to a not so well thing, makes me sad and at the same time bring desire to read what happen afterwards. I know that you share a special bond with ur mammi, I know she is ur world and in this poem we can feel ur bonding with ur mammi. last line is really special.
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Shagun Avatar
RA Shagun
Date: 11/14/2017 1:48:00 AM
Thanks Ishi
Date: 11/13/2017 5:38:00 PM
Oh dear for A moment you really made me cry...."maa" was directly been spoken by your heart.....emotions have their own language..... you are really blessed to have ma.... situation sometimes plays mind games the people whom we love most often go far away from us but always close to heart....time will heal ever thing.... everything will be back as it was and it should be....great saying great words
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Shagun Avatar
RA Shagun
Date: 11/14/2017 1:47:00 AM
Thank you Sumant :)