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Loki's Lament and curse part 1 by Thomas Laufey

For nine nights only your own will had bound you
to the World ´s Tree, you treacherous God,
while I wore a chain that I chose not, forever:
With cruel fetter my freedom you took!"

"Too cunning and unpredictable you were, too wild to roam free:
Greater your strength and hunger in magick and in power 
Then even my own, Tyrs and Heimdalls combined,
greedier than ravens, you sought ever more;
that's why we tied you,torso, legs and arms
In your own sons entrails for blood runs thicker than water."

"Was in nine realms no room for a trickster lord
Was there no realm that you could offer, i who existed even before you?
Of choice you bereft me to change my ways.
My trust you betrayed - Tyr and Odin Wotan most of all,
For you swore by your blood to protect and care for me when no other wouldst
You who ´d fed me and cared like a father for me
The most cursed of primordials i was.

"All of you lost your honor that day;
stronger was I, but still you tricked me:
Cunning magic you cowards employed--
Tyr you let pay for the promise you broke.

"Eternity ´s enmity is what I owe you.
Raving my greed now, grown with the years:
Not quite enough are the nine worlds to feed me,
to slake my hunger for revenge they´ll hardly suffice."
The nine worlds the aesir and vanir cherish shall fall to end my enmity

"I stand against you to strike you back,
though well I know what wyrd is mine:
That I will fall with all my Einherjar,
whose lives I ´ve taken, that life might survive.

"With bitter sacrifice bought I the wisdom
for many a day this doom to delay;
hope I have kindled, none kept for myself:
Two mortals survive in the wood of the Tree.

Copyright © | Year Posted 2019

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Date: 11/11/2019 11:25:00 AM
Dear readers: I thank you for your time. Please check out my other poetry if you like this poem. Please leave suggestions and comments for future ideas in poems. Even if they are negative comments I will still welcome them as constructive criticism can help me as an aspiring author. I usually do mythological and love based poems, so if you have an idea in mind, please do feel free to ask. Sincerely, Thomas Laufey
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Date: 11/9/2019 11:26:00 AM
Please feel free to comment and remark. Even if it is negative, constructive criticism will help me as an author
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