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Leviathan Lucidity

And I saw a new heaven and a 
new earth: for the first heaven
and the first earth were passed
away; and there was no more sea
— Rev. 21:1

Satan is king of the sea
When he was cast out of heaven,
his star fell into the midst of the deep
And the dreaded armor-scaled whale arose,
with destroying breaker waves
An unholy submarine terror is he
Jellyfish can fatally sting,
and Great white sharks 
are devouring deadly
But the biggest, baddest fish in the sea
is Leviathan ... he’s the one
who swallowed up Jaws, baby
Moby Dick ain’t nothing but a mere goldfish
compared to this dark-scaled monstrosity
This hulking behemoth rules the sea — 
King Poseidon ain’t nothing but a cabin boy,
his trident weapon is just a plastic fork toy
Mythical tales 
drawn from the deep fountain fears of man
It’s frighteningly obvious indeed,
Leviathan rules the sea
King Neptune ain’t nothing but a fable,
a man-made up story water balloon
I’m sorry to burst the bubble,
all you doubters
Mythical tales 
drawn from the deep fear wells of man
Yes, Leviathan is bad as they come ...
he will drag you 20,000 leagues under the sea,
my doubting daughter and son
Leviathan ain’t no tall tale;
he will swallow you whole,
then vomit your soul 
into the bowels of hell
It’s scary obvious to me,
Leviathan rules the sea
Wake up from your watery sleep, people
Satan is real ...when will you believe?!
No worries though ...
in the end, God prevails over the Devil
This is so comforting to me — 
for in the new earth there will be no sea

Copyright © | Year Posted 2017

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Date: 12/4/2017 7:37:00 AM
Awesome write! I love the touches of humor and also the very clear and profound message at the end. You deliver the message well! A fave, Freddie!
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