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Let Your Guard Down

I had a  compelling feelings today to get up and go outside
I had been writing reports all day and looking desperately for another way
At first  I wanted to go east  but I  ventured towards the west 
The  traffic stood in my way and it  sabotage my eastern journey
I parked my truck in the parking lot and rode along the path
The busy afternoon traffic gallivanted on the street
 and everything looked chaotic and  out of beat
 I entered the park on the opposite side of London town 
 but not a single soul was around I had everything for myself
My purpose was clear my direction guided me and I hum a tune
as I rode down the perspicuous track
The houses in the bushes started to expose and winter is crying out loud
I approached the stream a familiar place  I have been
And the phrase ''Let your guard down"  spoke in a silent whisper
A strange feeling suddenly circulated in my stomach and I felt like throwing up
I wasn't afraid I just listened with grace and the moment swiftly passed away
Mystical  things frequently happen  when I come to  this place
The receding water looked at me as if it was the one talking to me
So I crossed over to the other side and continued my journey
I stumbled upon a gigantic rock on the side of the oblivious track
I lay my bike on the side of the street and climb upon the monumental rock 
and listened carefully to my heart beat 
I stood directly in-front of the sun heat
and whisper a silent prayer for everyone
The heavens has opened up to me and the master is blessing me
The sun peaked over the hill and shine brightly upon me
igniting a passion that is stronger than my intricate core
I could feel the  warmth penetrating my skin 
I felt as though I have already win
Everything around me felt balance 
The turbulence has disappeared  and you have nothing to fear
I closed my eyes and drifted for a while
You were sitting there without a smile
You listened to their dirty whispers and nasty chatter
and  you are fed up  their with obnoxious games
They are facing the music in  their golden age
There are many vessel to be repaired
But time will unravel and stir up a mighty fear
If time could go back in reverse
we would stumble upon all the dirt 
tied up in the middle of the earth
Now you know why you were chosen
You have a task to fulfill for everybody
I am  looking at the sun over the hill
contemplating the mystical happening around me
The tree is standing directly in-front of the sun
It has been there since God made Adam and Eve
 and  guard them with the sun
The naked tree looks directly at me foretelling  my destiny
The cocoon has given birth 
and the leaves are scattered all over the world
I have been searching high and low
Looking for a comfortable place to go
But nature has it all planned out
Time is of essence and will figure everything out
You have the answer within you
but how can you trust the brazen gut
The passion of men is under  the tree
And there is beauty all around me
The stalkers have disappeared
and God is drawing near
The birds are gathering food
and the raccoons are hiding in the room
Take a short trip with hubby out of town
and a bottle of champagne to cool you down
get some space to  rest your head
The tree is planted firmly in the ground
and the radiant light is shining upon your throne
Let your guard down
when I am around
Let your guard down
when I come to London town.

Copyright © | Year Posted 2017

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