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LBI, Drifting Sands

LBI, Drifting Sands

Good Morning, Spring.  I know you’re awake.  I see your color rising with the sun.
Through the open balcony door of our third floor suite, the sea breeze coolly streams into our room as the sunlight pulls time over the warming golden bed sheets.
My love so quietly sleeps, still to hear every breath of the ocean synchronized with the rising and falling of her breast.
Narrowly framed between the doorpost and half opened drapes, the sea stretches a blue-green carpet from the sands to the edge of the Earth.  Porpoises dance briefly on its surface and dive beneath its nape.
Sitting comfortably, pen in hand, my eyes capture a picture, the subject of which has been painted in the hearts of everyone finding peace on the edges of the oceans.  Sea grass is bending with the breeze, pelted lightly with drifting sands.  
Now, it’s time for hot coffee and warm pastry on the balcony by the sea.
Below us across the wide dunes and sun bright sands, a few scattered walkers drag their owners by their leashes near the lapping waves.  The stiff wind off the early Spring waves feels chilly, even through their jackets and hats.

As Earth bows in reverence toward her perfect partner, something, someone awakens within me with the warming of the Spring sun.  Like sap pumping slowly upward to engorge the budding leaves and reddening flowers of my mind and spirit.  Is this dis-order: to be attuned to the rhythm and flow of Mother Earth?
In orbit: that perfect balance of attractions.  An effortless flow wherein the music of influence plays in symphonic perturbations.  Mother Earth sings her harmonies to Father Sun’s melodies as she twirls in the softening groove of her recorded destiny.
As a flower opens to the Sun, when Spring awakens, so do I, picking back up the verse of my souls praises of the Sun.

Good night sea.  Pleasant dreams.  Pull the moon’s light gently to your chin, a glowing silver blanket shimmering on your skin.
Comfort me through the night.  Come to me through my open door and whisper sweet dreams in my ear.  I’ll rise again like the sun to warm you and praise the gifts of your bounteous life.

Copyright © | Year Posted 2018

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Date: 7/2/2018 12:41:00 PM
Kevin.. Congrats on being a featured poet this week. This poem is certainly worthy of that recognition. Blessings! Come see me...
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