Jacket and Ties

Summer is lingering on and autumn is secretly chiming in
wild marigolds are blooming everywhere
and the earth is soaking up  my  sordid tears
The full moon is  watching over me and predicting my destiny
Bright yellow flowers are springing up all around me
I can feel  the heat far and near and anxiety is brewing in the air
Tall green trees  are waving  above but I cannot see
An oppressive spirit beside me  is suffocating and ridiculing me
The insects are playing a harmonious tune as a matter of fact it is almost noon
butterflies are metamorphosing from their  aged old cocoons
Look three white butterflies are dancing gracefully
around the bright yellow petals attracting the honey bee
A minute ago I was struggling to write and I had to put up a spiritual fight
I was weeping for what I don't know only the living God knows
I just  stared at the blank page on my computer screen
It was as though I was blindfolded in a day dream
But nature had mercy upon me  and dragged me out of the room 
to experience the rebirth at noon so that  I could see more clearly
Man struggling against man and building weapon to destroy the land
Walking up and down the  evil corridors   dressed in full attire
spending long hours in useless meeting shouting and bellowing at one another
making decisions about the world and playing tug of war with  innocent lives 
when they don't even know how  to treat their beautiful wives.
Here I am sitting on the ground looking at everything around 
a simple track that runs through the  park is invaded by  larks
and a conceited man riding a bicycle shone his flash light in my face 
 in the middle of the day and brazenly  asked if I was ok
This is a frequent code that the nationalist use 
I was able to continue on the track forcing the image behind my back
But as soon as the lark moved on the devil from hell come trodding along
With a loud music blasting in his right hand
I watched the world slowly crumbling in his hands
They think they have the answer for a  deep spiritual matter
Yellow leaning against purple and  the red is getting inkier 
I rode my bike up to pleasant valley and  looked down the ally
I sat in front of a white picket fence feeling very  intense
The answer is simple but no one wants to hear it
You hunt us down like valiants in the bushes and wait for us in the dark 
you put up your signs in the park to intimidate us 
The world is  sinking by jacket and ties
mockery and scornful laugh circulating in the sky
We have been held in bondage for years
Our children have outgrown out their age
And the same lie is repeated  year after year
The whole world is watching  your dangerous sin
You have hurt the hands of the one that is feeding you
White picket fences  erected on swamp land
Big house built on a gigantic sink hole
The Potomac river is overflowing  its bank
 But nature is watching my back 
 there is no doubt about that
Its time to take off your jacket and tie.

Copyright © | Year Posted 2017

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