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Jack The Ripper

I Jumped up suddenly out of my bed
With Jack the ripper spinning in my head
And the word cabinet kept floating in my bed
I had a very serious message to deliver
But I don't know who to tell because it felt improper
My heart was pounding and I felt like vomiting
I hurried outside and jogged around the circle
I have tried so desperately to erase this message
But the more I exercise the more it kept spewing water into my face
How can I be so cruel to someone who has done no wrong?
Then I remember the story of Abraham and  God's instruction 
to sacrifice his  only son just to prove his faithfulness  and honest hand
Abraham obeyed  and the rest of the story calmed my troubled soul
The morning was rather cool and the big bright moon stood over my house
towards the west  spreading its light all over the place
It  spoke  directly to me  and I  responded to the message immediately 
I continued removing the stickers from the truck
But Jack the ripper  kept stabbing me in my back
I  was determined to end his dirty game 
because he has brought many people to shame 
and many people dreaded hearing this name
it has caused numerous stumbling blocks
and belched  innumerable shocks in a city that is filled with clock
 sky scrapers and  building blocks it engulf the landscape with its furious game
I had nothing on my mind  but all of a sudden this eighteen century  
sinister figure flashed crossed my mind stirring my emotions
How can I meet with someone who  has committed so much atrocities
I shoved my emotion out of the way and bow down on my knees and pray
I still don't know where to begin so I called a senior to enquire about him
and set up a date to dine with him 
But  what she said still did not make sense
How could they teach children about this brutal character
He is scarier than the man flying around in the chopper
Jack the ripper had no proper passport  he doesn't know what he is all about
They say that he has dual citizenship from two of the most powerful countries 
Some say  that he is my right hand but he is a pain in the neck on the other hand
But God is my helping hand
I live in  a very old house filled  with dust and grease because they are always cooking meat
But the  little room that I reside in is clean and neat
It is different from the rest of the house because I know what I am all about
The landlord lives on the top floor with a big cabinet  filled with various statues
originated from, East  West North and South
They seems to be priceless gifts some of them have given me the bliss
Some have conquered the land while most of them have left blood on the land
When  I moved into this house everything was up side down
So I cleaned the counter and the stove top and get rid of the bacteria 
The doors where old and screeching and it was deliberately  fashioned to tell everyone 
when I was going out and coming in
So I put oil in the inches vacuum  the dirty  carpet although it was not my place
Every morning the sink was filled with dirty dishes and when I cleaned it
It was piled up the following day
The stove top is dirty and greasy and the counter top is very untidy.
The garbage is often exposed and it felt like a rat was running in my throat
Yesterday the landlady remove all the statue from the cabinet
Dust them off and meticulosity rearrange them
and I began to see some  semblance of order in the place
She removed some of the garbage  from the cabinet 
and replaced them with new ones instead
Strange things happen in the mornings
Strange things happen at nights
strange things happen at noon 
The full moon comes with rain sometimes with fire
The rain is not falling but the fire is burning
So be clam and you will emerge as the victor
Because Jack the ripper is no more
We have taken his body to the shore
Just as I have finish writing this poem
A big bird landed in the tree in front of my window screaming
I looked at it briefly and it  flew away.

Copyright © | Year Posted 2017

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