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Invisible Death Bite

I rest perched atop my tree branch blind,
watching and waiting
for anything to unknowingly pass below
I got sleek, midnight skin ... 
distinct markings of a black panther
I got white eyes that glow in the dark,
my vision is acute — 
Able to track you, no matter where you are
You’re powerless to my predatory desires,
death comes upon you suddenly when I pounce
Pound for pound,
ounce for ounce ... 
There are other predators lion stronger than me,
others more ferocious in their tiger savagery
But none can compare to my ultimate stealth
When night falls,
I turn into invisible death
Delivering a death bite,
strangling away all your breath of life
And it happens so fast,
you never have time to ask: why?
But right now, I’m surly dismayed
at some of my bastard runt children;
those who were caged, 
and taken to America from Africa
Unseemly children they be,
wearing the opaque skin of their oppressor’s rage
Killing out of hate ... 
this I don’t do, 
this manner of violence I don’t condone
Out of necessity, I kill: to feed, to live
In nature, that’s not called murder
It’s not for safari sport do I hunt
I don’t kill from afar
	with a bang bang
I don’t trophy collect
	tusks and mane
To simply kill out of hate
is a jungle shame
You American Black Panthers,
weak imitators of your African ancestors
You kill for the thrill of hate lust
Even on a full belly, you still can’t get enough
You kill those who’ve been killing you,
and you think that makes it right
Yet, you didn’t even remain true
to your own wicked cause
Let your wild animal nature get Establishment tamed;
embraced the ways of the oppressor,
and hid your treachery behind an African name
Shame ... shame ... shame
Selling your own people out,
after leading them down a false doctrine fast lane
Pied piped them to oblivion
Shame ... shame ... shame
Violence begetting violence — 
Label it colonial justice if you will, it’s murder all the same
Though you think you’ve escaped 
into the urban jungle avoiding judgment
Committing more beastly crimes, you still love to do
Never once do you realize
there’s an invisible death coming to bite you
And I’ll be watching from afar,
perched up high
As God’s vengeance comes dropping down 
in the dark of the night
Stealing your soul like a thief,
snuffing out your light
God’s got an insatiable hunger for holiness,
that makes me smile with black panther delight

Copyright © | Year Posted 2017

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Date: 6/1/2017 9:50:00 PM
The horrendous things that they had had to endure.:( Strong imagery coupled with robust metaphors, create a powerful poem, Freddie! Best wishes to you and yours!! Mikki
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