In Search of The Truth

They say that wars are started by religion
but what religion started what war
The Romans started many wars
fighting to take over country's

Yet they had thousands of Gods
can you say that their religion 
was behind their wars or was it greed
once beaten country's had to pay a tribute

the first world war was started 
by the assassination of 
the Archduke Franz Ferdinand 
and his wife

The second world war was created 
by Hitlers desire to make a better world
Fighting in Russia, the death of the Czar
was created by the theories of communism

Wanting to make a better world
Hundreds of reasons have been behind
the creation of wars
religion at times is one of them

but you also need to look a which religion
every body blames christians for the crusades 
yet the European Crusades started 
in retaliation for the Muslim crusades

Thousands of Pilgrims visiting Jerusalem
were killed by the Muslim Invasion
the word travelled back through Europe
inciting the the Christians to start their crusades

Never look a gift horse in the mouth
the battle of troy
was create by the love of woman
Helen of troy

to create such a broad statement 
as religion is behind all the wars 
is a statement of racism
creating anti religious propaganda

Granted religion has a lot to be ashamed of 
yet read the bible and you hear
thou shalt not Kill
People have killed saying

That is in the name of God
but in truth murder and wars
are created by people
people wanting power 

People following the desire for money
people seeking revenge
wars are not created by religion
wars are created by people

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