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I Have Three Favorite Pets- PET

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Everynight in our house. This was in 2015. They would just lounge and then when Bo would walk Lucky would flip around on his tail. My family always called me Laura Loo. My aunt would say, "Laura Loo, I love you!" So I called him "Lucky Loo". :)

My three sweet boys passed within one year, 
          a Golden Retriever, white fluffy bunny and a Pug.
When I think of each memory I still wipe a tear,
          and my delicate heart strings rip apart and are tug. 
That Mugsy was so lazy with a stubby curly tail, 
Bo was gentle, but arthritis made him slow as a snail. 
          Lucky my bunny always ate apples and kale.

          But really all in one year? How could God let this be?
At times I feel I did something wrong to deserve the pain. 
          But it wasn't until my eyes opened recently with clarity
I saw I must allow all the happy moments to remain. 
Mugsy with his yellow ducky that on purpose he'd drop,
          and when I caressed Bo I wished to never stop. 
Oh, just watching my bunny Lucky hop, hop, hop!

I watched them all take their last and final breath,
          picturing them running across the bridge with glee.
For even though I feel the sorrow from their death,
          I know they are in heaven with loved ones in harmony. 
They each were so special to my family and I, 
and yes when I see thier scrapbooks I still do cry. 
          I have been really trying hard lately not to ask why.

          To Mugsy, Bo and Lucky I dedicate this poem to you,
may you finally be in peace and free from disease.
          I shall live the rest of my life and when it is through
I know the pain of losing you three will cease.
I pray you haven't forgotten your mumma on earth, 
          and are barking and hopping full of gaiety and mirth. 
Don't ever forget, to me, you were much worth.

                          No, I cannot pick just one pet-
                          for I have three I shan't forget!

1.) Pug- Mugsy 2004-2018
2.) Golden Retriever- Bo 2005-2017
3.) Bunny- Lucky 2013-2018

September 27, 2019
Regina Riddle
Write a Rhyme about your favorite PET, living or not Poetry Contest

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Date: 10/18/2019 6:45:00 PM
wow, you even recalled their years they lived. I wish I had done that. I knew their ages, all my pets who have died, yet I never gauged their exact days and years when I got them, etc. The pug and retriever lived pretty long lives. I love how you honored ALL three. Congrats on the win.
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Date: 10/12/2019 7:27:00 PM
I still ache for my dogs, through the years I've been lucky to have formed those bonds that fill the years with tears when they are gone. Maybe all yours all closely left so they would still be together and you are to go do something that you couldn't when they were with you. I will have another some day when I am done traveling. There is nothing like a dogs love...or a bunny! I had one once, Tripod. He was so cute and loved my dog. xoxox Cograts on your win.
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Date: 10/10/2019 8:18:00 AM
Awe this is tear jerking!!! As soon as I graduated and moved out, I got 2 dogs and 2 cats. They were my entire life. They grew old all at once though. It is heartbreaking. This poem was beautiful! Congrats on your win!
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Loo Avatar
Lu Loo
Date: 10/10/2019 8:39:00 AM
yeah when they're all approx. the same age it seems inevitable they will perish close in age. I honestly think my Mugsy (pug) died from a broken heart. He was old, but not the same since Bo died. thank you sweet Anna :)-luloo
Date: 10/10/2019 7:45:00 AM
Aww luloo, I know how much you miss your treasured pets, many congratulations on your win :-) hugs Jan xx
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Loo Avatar
Lu Loo
Date: 10/10/2019 8:37:00 AM
I know you know which is why I am thanking you from the bottom of my heart, thank you...:)-luloo
Date: 10/10/2019 7:31:00 AM
- A heartbreaking poem, L.L. ... losing three in one year ... so painfully - Congratulations on your great win :) - hugs // Anne-Lise :)
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Loo Avatar
Lu Loo
Date: 10/10/2019 8:37:00 AM
yeah it was hard and still is. I am not the same woman I was in 2017. Those deaths changed me in ways I never knew. Thank you so much sweet Sunshine :)-luloo
Date: 10/10/2019 7:04:00 AM
This is a awesome poem and I love it dearly. Thank you for entering. Bless you sweet Lu Loo... Congrats on your win. Love and prayers, Gina
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Loo Avatar
Lu Loo
Date: 10/10/2019 8:36:00 AM
thank you so much! I am so honored because my "sweet boys" are gone and it is so hard. I am grateful you appreciated my heart and soul being poured out for all to read. Thank you and God bless sweet Gina :)-luloo